Honor Killing



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Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 1 / 10


I'm a fan of Troma movies. Yes I'm willing to admit it. I understand how they like to push the envelope and try new things that many will find uncomfortable. There is a nice market for that and they've been highly successful with their films. But then they pick up movies to distribute. Some are good, some are bad. In the case of HONOR KILLING it is downright terrible. Not only is it poorly made it commits the ultimate mistake of being boring as well.

What we have here is a Muslim revenge picture. How many movies can make that claim? It revolves around a character known as the woman with no name played by star/director/writer Mercedes. The girl is one who wants to be educated in spite of her father telling her that this is not her place in the world. Walking home one day she is raped by two rednecks. She escapes and makes her way home only for her father to tell her she has offended the family. So what does he do? He takes her far from home and tries to kill her by shooting her in the head.

All this does is force her to lose an eye since she survives. Now she is no longer the loving daughter she once was but a revenge driven machine instead. She seeks out the two men who raped her first and then sets out for find her father.

So what makes this movie so bad? Let's start by saying just about everything. The photography is terrible. The acting is sub-par junior high stage productions look like Oscar performances. The practical effects are terrible. The story is never fleshed out and feels more like an outline than a script. The directing is...did she really direct?

There are only two good things about this release. The first is seeing Lloyd Kaufman in the introduction to the disc and the second is that it is mercifully only 67 minutes long. 67 of the most grueling, boring minutes you will spend should you decide to watch it.

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