Hook Line and Sinker


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

While not a horrible film, they forgot to make this comedy funny!

Wheeler and Woolsey have been mostly forgotten today even if they were the first comedians successful in full-length sound movies. While Laurel and Hardy were making their wonderful shorts, Wheeler and Woolsey were both making a lot of longer films--and they churned them out in huge numbers in 1930 and 1931--they made four and then five respectively. This was because the team was very popular and RKO wanted to capitalize on them. Unfortunately, because of that, their films are often very uneven. While a few are classics that hold up today, such as CAUGHT PLASTERED and PEACH-A-RENO, many others are tired duds that lack laughs--a serious problem when it's supposed to be a comedy!! When it comes to duds, films like HIGH FLIERS and THE RAINMAKERS come to mind, though HOOK, LINE AND SINKER isn't a whole lot better. It just ain't funny, though the story is pretty agreeable AND the boys don't waste time singing--a problem in some of their early films.

The film opens with the boys selling insurance. Along the way, they meet up with their perennial leading lady, Dorothy Lee, and she's in trouble. The boys being gallant, they offer to help. It seems that she's just inherited an old hotel, but the place is a run-down mess. With Bert Wheeler's and Bob Woolsey's help, the place becomes a haven for the rich who want to be seen. As for the boys, a familiar pattern emerges--Bert woos sweet Dorothy and Bob looks for the richest old lady he can find and does the same!

If you are a huge Wheeler and Woolsey fan, then by all means see this film. If not, I suggest you see one of the better films I mentioned above instead. Oh, and if you do want to see this or HALF SHOT AT SUNRISE, they are both in the public domain and can be downloaded for free at archive.org--and there's a link to this on IMDb.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Hotel Hideout

Hook Line And Sinker has Wheeler&Woolsey meeting Dorothy Lee on a road way while they successfully talk a cop out of a speeding ticket and sell insurance to him. She's running away from her mother's arranged marriage to the family attorney Ralf Harolde. Lee talks the boys into helping her run a fleabag hotel which is in her name.

There's a good reason why Harolde wants to marry her. In reality he's a gangster and he's used the place as a crook's hideout for years. But when Bert and Bob take it over they start a publicity campaign which works all too well saying the place has become THE in vacation resort for society folks. They come bringing all their money and jewels. Society bigwigs and gangsters, what a spot for a caper.

As for the romance Lee of course falls for Bert and her mother the amazonian Jobyna Howland just loves the moves that Woolsey is putting on her. Harolde's being foiled at every turn. It all leads up to a gangster invasion and a hilarious shootout at the climax.

This is a good introduction to Wheeler&Woolsey who are too sadly neglected today.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

A glimpse of how comedy used to be.

You better be careful if you're ever around anybody like Robert Woolsey. Everything you say can be the set-up for a wisecrack. "I'm not as big a fool as I used to be", George F. Marion says. "Why? Have you been dieting?", Woolsey replies. I could spend my entire review quoting this script of burlesque jokes older than Methuselah, but you're simply better off just watching the film and discovering each delightfully sardonic retort he gives, whether it be partner Bert Wheeler, matronly Jobyna Howland or elderly bellman Marion.

The basic story is a rip-off of the Marxx Brothers' "The Cocoanuts", a 1929 musical farce about a jewelry heist at a posh hotel. Here, Wheeler and Woolsey volunteer to assist pretty Dorothy Lee in running the run-down hotel she has inherited, and in the process, become involved with a gang of thieves who have been utilizing the hotel's basement as a warehouse for their stash. While it is easy to criticize the film on its unrealistic treatment of human relationships (the initial Wheeler/Lee exchange is quite awkward), once you get past those quibbles and bits, you can find a lot to amuse yourself with here. The exchange between Woolsey and Howland is pure Groucho Marxx/Margaret Dumont, and it is hysterical to see the Amazonian Howland dancing with Woolsey standing on her feet to guide him around the room. Natalie Moorehead plays basically the same character that Kay Francis played in "The Cocoanuts" with a rather uncanny resemblance to "Bullwinkle's" Natasha (with a platinum dye job). The shoot-out at the finale is also very funny. While this may be one of Wheeler and Woolsey's weaker films (it definitely creaks as loudly as the hotel stairs), it has many amusing moments. This is one time where you just throw the plot out and go for the gags.

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