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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KFL 5 / 10

Interesting premise, hobbled by plot holes and leaden dialogue

The basic story that unfolds in Horizon is interesting enough, and could have been the basis for an above-average sci-fi flick. Unfortunately the screenwriters did not exhibit similar rigor and creativity when fleshing it out. Plot holes abound, especially towards the end. Lines voiced by actors range from cliched but reasonable, to cliched and awkward, to, in some cases, idiotic. ("Give them hell!" "I intend to" is an instance of both--extremely commonplace-boring, and at the same time, it makes absolutely no sense in context.)

The acting ranged from reasonably good to awkward to cringe-inducing. There were too many fistfighting and gunfighting scenes, going on for far too long. And one or two scenes near the middle added nothing to the story.

I don't regret watching it, but would only recommend it to someone with a taste for B-grade or lower sci-fi.

Reviewed by Marve_007 8 / 10

Top dollar sci-fi on a shoestring

What does an alien race want with Bristol? Well that would be a spoiler for this excellent shoestring-budgeted sci-fi production that twists and turns its way through a believable storyline inhabited by characters you want to root for and those whose demise you wouldn't be teary-eyed over. It's smart, it's slick and it keeps you guessing. An excellent example of how small budget doesn't have to result in poor fare.

Reviewed by maisiepickering 10 / 10

Brizzle fo shizzle

I really enjoyed this series. I loved seeing Bristol and the actors were great. It was easy to follow and action packed. It's not a hollywood buster i like that. Sometimes i like the more independent films. There's something about the characters that make it more relatable.

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