Horror in the High Desert


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Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Slow build up, fairly good end sequence

I understand that Found Footage movies are typically about building up to the big ending, and that's fine, but I do prefer it when the meat of the film has a little more going on that just interviewing 5 or so people and chopping between them intermittently. It's only 82 minutes long the film luckily, but the first 67 minutes are basically just this. It can test your patience a little. The final 15 minutes though was a very well done sequence for the most part.

When we finally get to the action 'Horror in the high Desert' does have something to offer. The camera angles, the noise (what was that noise?) and the suspenseful timing were all very well done. The only thing that it forgot is that it's what you don't see that is always scarier than what you do. We saw too much and it ruined it a little for me. That's being a little bit nit-picky though.

If you've got some patience then this one could be for you. It seems to be setting itself up for a sequel too, so look out for that if you enjoy it. 7/10.

Reviewed by gedikreverdi 5 / 10

Lost in the backwoods of Nevada

Gary went missing in the backwoods of Nevada and they interviewed with his older sister, roommate, a journalist and the private detective that Beverly hired. It went on pretty much like an episode from daily crime scene investigation. They kept talking about how Gary went missing, his relationship with those people and his blog. Gary's sister thought his roommate was suspicious and people thought Beverly held resent against him because he caused their parents die on a night fishing expedition. I thought I was watching a whodunnit mystery but it turned out totally different. He was killed by a man with physical deformities when he once again went over to his makeshift cabin in the middle of nowhere. His severed head and the tapes were found by a camper couple. It was deliberately put there so that it could be found. But they didn't elaborate on who, where and how. It seems like police couldn't spot their location. I felt like there's no payoff. The tapes showing how he encountered with the man at night out in the wilderness by the small cabin was really creepy. But that's about it. I wasn't bored at all though. I think it could have been better if we see the incident thru the eyes of Gary like it was all his recordings.

Reviewed by JackCowart34 7 / 10

A masterclass in low budget/indie filmmaking

Horror in the high desert is a cinematic feat that very few people could pull off. Dutch Marich is the director, writer, cinematographer, producer, and editor of this extraordinary mockumentary horror film based on the true story of Kenny Veach. It's beautifully shot, with acting that is surprisingly impressive for a cast that had relatively no experience in feature films. The dialogue was sharp, and the ending is as tense as it could've possibly been with the budgetary constraints the filmmaker was under. If I was ever going to attempt to get into filmmaking, this is the blueprint I would follow. Marich was able to maintain creative freedom because of the lack of studio interference and the extremely low production costs. Nonetheless, he crafts a stunning film with an abundance of creativity and some palpable suspense and mystique. He desrves all of the credit for this original piece of art that incorporates fright, thrills, and the influence social media has on an individuals ego as it relates to decision making.

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