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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tailsofthewind 1 / 10

Hi! The year is 2021: We are done with the movies that rely on female abduction and terror!

And by "we" I mean more than half of the world's population. In other words, I'm speaking of girls and women. We, to varying degrees, fear the REAL WORLD threat of abduction and being restrained against our will.

Why is this STILL considered "entertainment"?

Why is this STILL on posters and t-shirts and movie advertising?

Full disclosure: I didn't watch the movie, but I checked out the comments of another who did, just a few days ago. His comments were consistent with someone who had watched it and he hated it. It wasn't the sniping that is normal to reviews, his review is intelligently written.

Bottom line: This movie is weak. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your money. Move on.

Reviewed by chris330r 2 / 10

Pointless waste of time

For one, there is so much freaking talk in this film. Talk, talk, talk is all these people do for the bulk of the movie. The only time any real action happens is during the first and last 5 minutes.

Secondly, the girl who plays Ashley is terrible. She can't say a line without ticking her head. I don't know if it was the way the character was supposed to be or this is her acting method. Either way it was annoying.

She also can't utter sentence without using an expletive and that got boring real fast. She was just a terrible actress and I almost shut it off solely because of her.

Then there's the random 80's setting to the film. I can't figure out why they chose to set it in that time period as it had no relevance whatsoever to the story. Maybe they needed a reason to eliminate the presence of cell phones I guess. Still, it was weird to set it in that time period without contributing anything to the story.


Then there's the ending. After 80 or so minutes, you start to care for the guy they had tied up because he's the only normal character in this mess of a film and also acted circles around his bad acting co stars.

He finally gets untied and immediately seizes the opportunity to kill one of his captors in a blind rage as any real person would have done....but then all of a sudden the scene slips away from reality and leaves the viewer in jaw dropping awe at the incredibly stupid writing.

After killing one captor, he picks up the captor's shotgun, points it at the other captor.....and then just DROPS IT ON THE FLOOR to run out of the house?! What the hell?! Um, no...he clearly would NOT do that after just busting the head of his captor with a lava lamp! He's still in an angry rage and would've blown the other captor away in an instant without even thinking about it. It's a fight for survival and he would not have just dropped the gun to run out of the house unarmed and with his back to them!! Not in a million years would that happen even with the stupidest hostage!

Of course the other captor picks up the shotgun and blasts him in the back 2 seconds later as he's running away. NO ONE WOULD DROP THE SHOTGUN!!....NO ONE!! THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN!!

At that point the film is over and I felt angry and cheated because I wanted to click it off right there in disgust but the film ended anyway before I could do that.

I think with better actors and a realistic ending, this could've been a good film, but it was way too talky with no action and when things finally pick up, you're let down by the incredibly unrealistic actions of the hostage and before you can even get angry and shut it off the credits roll.

I'm giving it 2 stars because I managed to stick with this mess until the end and the guy playing the hostage was the only one who appeared to have gone to acting school.

Watch if you must, but definitely NOT recommended!

Reviewed by vstarhawthorne 1 / 10

it made absolutely no sense

Save yourself the time dont watch it. Very bad acting, poor dialogue. Just garbage. Even the summary is lacked a story it made no sense as if it was thrown together at the last minute. There was no character development. 1hr and 22 minutes of pure nonsense.

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