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Reviewed by PeterMitchell-506-564364 3 / 10

Hot adult film worth a view

I see I'm the first to review this old adult classic. I've video'd this movie a few times. Not lately. If you're into adult films, present or old, you should give Hot Connections a go. I must admit it's one of my favorites. This movie does have style, a story, and half decent acting. This film is set around interesting theme, telecommunications. And talk about sexual relations. There's the boss Arnold Thaxton who's seeing about every girl, probably every girl in the office, a few of who'm have got pregnant and fired. His ex wife Marilyn, just so happens to run a women's lib group, zealously, obsessed with putting the knife back into her husband. Naturally some of them are ex employees of Arnold's. She even has blow up photos of him. Arnold's employee/friend George, a bumbling nervy character provides the comic touch to this god awful sex film. I don't want to give any more away, but you be the judge. There are a lot of sex films that are far worse than Hot Connections. Give this flick a go. As the eager adult viewer you may just find this 72 will surprise you.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Reach out and seduce someone

Callous married cad Arnold Thaxton (a nicely smarmy portrayal by Christopher Geoffries) works for the phone company and frequently has affairs with his lady coworkers. After Arnold fires a switchboard operator in the wake of knocking her up, his militant feminist ex-wife Marilyn (Tallie Cochrane in fine feisty form) and her fellow women's lib friends decide to get revenge on him.

Director James Hong -- yep, that James Hong of a hundred films and TV shows -- keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a snappy pace and maintains an amiable lighthearted tone throughout. Moreover, there's a generous abundance of tasty bare distaff skin and the simulated soft-core sex scenes are pretty hot, with a bathtub-set tryst rating as a definite sizzling highlight. The lively cast of familiar sexploitation cinema regulars helps a lot: The ever-adorable Rene Bond as sweet secretary Angie (Rene looks positively smashing in a skintight red vinyl dress), Cindy Daly as tough karate expert Joan, Sandy Dempsey as a lascivious lesbian, and Marge Lanier as the frustrated Cynthia Hanes. Jay Scott also contributes an amusing turn as Arnold's meek buddy George. A bawdy hoot.

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