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Marjorie Main as Gossip in Window
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Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

I think this one is a bit overrated...

Wow. After reading through the reviews, I was very surprised to see one gave it a 10 and another gave it 9--even though this sure looks like just another B-movie to me--and not a particularly great one. Now this isn't saying it's a bad film--it just suffers a bit from some less than stellar acting and a plot that's been done better in other films.

The film begins with a lady who appears to be the most desirable lady in town, as every man in town seems to chase after her with their tongues hanging out like the wolf in Tex Avery cartoons. Nancy Carroll didn't look THAT hot, but at every turn men in this hypocritical town pursue her with abandon. The first, a co-worker, is a total octopus on their date and she runs away from this animal and into the arms of the town's noted playboy (Cary Grant). So, although she is a good girl, because she goes home with Grant she's branded a tramp---even though nothing happened! Nice town, eh? Soon after the town begins spreading gossip about her, she's fired from her job and is heartbroken. But, at the same time an old beau (Randolph Scott) returns to town and asks her to marry him. In hindsight, she probably should have told him about these rumors, but considering she's done nothing, you really can't blame her. And, when Scott hears of these ridiculous lurid tales, he foolishly believes them and she leaves him in disgust--after all, who wants to marry a weenie who is so easily swayed? This time, however, she DOES turn to Grant and just doesn't care anymore about what anyone thinks!! And, in a surprising twist, in the last four minutes of the film, she goes from Scott's fiancé to riding to a honeymoon with Grant!! Talk about your whirlwind romances!!

This film is very surprising to watch unless you realize that it's a prime example of a so-called "Pre-Code Film". Films up until 1934 varied tremendously in their morality. Unlike the homogenized films of the mid-1930s and into the 60s, the films made before the strengthened Production Code had such topics as adultery, premarital sex, cursing and even nudity. In HOT Saturday, even though the leading lady is really quite innocent, there is a very strong undercurrent of sex throughout the film and it's quite frank in talking about sexual urges. In addition, it features a few lines where strong language is implied and in the end of the film, the nice lady runs off with a man who is nice but also very sexually experienced!! Plus, there is a small scene where Ms. Carroll strips her sister that is completely unnecessary to the plot and rather crude. This never could have happened if the film had been made a few years later. Having her living happily ever after with a man with Grant's reputation must have ruffled a few feathers in the generally conservative audiences of the day! Plus, considering that all the "good" people of this town are in fact evil hypocrites, this film is quite a hoot to watch audiences react to HOT Saturday.

Unfortunately, while the film is entertaining, some of the acting wasn't great (such as Edward Woods and Scott) and a few of the plot twists seemed contrived. It's really just an average film that also happens to have a healthy dose of sex. But for lovers of Pre-Code films, it's a must-see because of its shocking morality.

NOTE--This movie is bundled with another Pre-Code film, TORCH SINGER, on DVD.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10


Newcomer Cary Grant was paired with Paramount star Nancy Carroll in Hot Saturday, a film which is most dated, but still packs quite a punch. Nancy Carroll's stardom was beginning to slip while Cary as we know was fast on the rise.

Hot Saturday however is about gossip, something that will eternally be with us. But happy to say some people's attitudes have definitely changed for the better. Nancy Carroll would not be fired today from her job at a bank because of her private life.

Carroll's a popular girl with all the young men of her town, but she's engaged to stalwart Randolph Scott who's a promising young engineer. One of her fellow co-workers at the bank Edward Wood tries to put the moves on her, but she won't give him a tumble. It's he who starts a nasty rumor about Carroll and the town playboy Cary Grant who is guilty of nothing more than offering her a ride home in his car after she ran off from Woods.

Depending on where you are from malicious gossip will probably not have the effect it does on Nancy Carroll. Still it can damage one. Years ago in a former place of work and we're talking now about the 1970s I recall in my office there was a section known as the 'poison pond'. It was where a few women who had nothing else to do but gossip about everything and everyone else around. No escaped their malicious tongues and something like what happens to Nancy Carroll would have been grist for that mill for a month.

Thank God people have a more live and let live attitude, but gossip is still a perennial problem and Hot Saturday deals nicely with it.

Reviewed by rmax304823 6 / 10

Hot Enough For You?

Someone recently remarked that I always find some sort of "message" in movies, which is a filthy lie.

The message behind this story of flirtation, misinterpretation, unrequited love, and a spoiled girl's marriage to the rich and unutterably handsome Cary Grant is that gossip is always treated as a bad thing. Old ladies whispering behind curtains, and all that. It's not true that gossip is always a bad thing. It's a means of social control. In the small, stable communities of yesteryear, gossip was a far more effective instrument of social control than the police ever were. Everybody watches everybody else, especially the Argus-eyed children. You can't get away with a damned thing. If you try, you get caught.

The Old Order Amish have brought this form of punishment to a state of near perfection. Ever hear of an Old Order Amish cop? No. They don't need any. The miscreant is simply "shunned", as would be a cheater at West Point.

In this case, a cute but flirtatious Nancy Carroll works at a bank. (This is in the depths of the depression.) All the boys try to date her, but she's a lady and given to teasing and bamboozling the local goons. One of them is the cocky Ed Woods; you might remember him as Jimmy Cagney's buddy in "Public Enemy."

The youngsters from the bank, the soda shop, and other institutions of the young are invited to a party at the house of the immensely rich Cary Grant, who shows an interest in Carroll, and she him. But Woods is her date and he takes her for a rowboat ride and is all over her like an aardvark in heat until prim Carroll is forced to abandon the boat and walk around the lake to the nearest house, which is Grant's mansion. He's polite, cheerful but thoughtful, and sends her home in his car.

But that rotten Edward Woods begins spreading the rumor that she spent the whole NIGHT at Grant's palace, and I guess we all know what THAT means. Nobody will talk to her, her mother scolds her, her friends desert her, and she's fired from her job at the bank. What's worst, the man who has loved her from afar, as they say, for seven years, has just returned from college That would be Randolph Scott, a geologist, and the rumor leaves him shaken and angry.

The ending implodes. Carroll runs away, back to Grant's estate, and actually DOES spend hours alone with him. I dread to think what went on. Then she and Grant run away together in Grant's glass and enamel circus wagon. It's unfair. Scott has shown himself to be a nice guy, morally upright and devoted to Carroll. Yet she throws her licentiousness in his face after he's come to apologize, and without giving him a chance to speak, she takes off.

The corollary message is this: Girls, always marry a terribly rich man who looks exactly like Cary Grant and forget about all that baloney about "faithfulness" and "love." After you're married for a proper period, you can divorce the rich guy and clean his clock.

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