Hotel Poseidon

2021 [DUTCH]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 99

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donnellymatt 9 / 10

Excellent world building and lots of fun

In the vein of Piotr Szulkin or Terry Gilliam, this film does a great job of transporting you to another world altogether. One that, though confusing and unquestionably disgusting, is immensely fun to witness. Full of interesting characters, jarring conversations, and some incredible music and sound editing, this film is definitely recommended to those wanting to experience something new.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 / 10

Looks great

David reluctantly pretends to be the manager of Hotel Poseidon, a place with fungus-covered walls. As he wanders the corridors like a zombie, he becomes a passive spectator to what happens around him. As clients stumbled around without money to pay and his family members haunt him, David begins to slowly lose his mind and disappear within the Hotel Poseidon.

Director and writer Stefan Lernous is committed to keeping it weird, what with a closed hotel that still has squatters hiding inside, all prepared to make David's life a hassle. Everyone is covered in white makeup, dead bodies are disposed of in shocking ways and the entire inside becomes a jungle for our protagonist to get as lost as some viewers may be by this movie.

There's not a lot of direction, but the whole thing is gorgeously ugly. Hotel Poseidon is financed by the Belgian avant-garde theater company Abbatoir Fermé and feels like a short that was given more moments of weirdness all around it. I didn't fall in love with it, but in no way was I bored or upset that I watched it. It looks way better than it plays, if that makes sense.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 5 / 10

Poseidon Hotel.

When looking down the list of titles screening/streaming at Grmmfest 2021,this enticingly odd-looking Belgium flick stood out right away, leading to me setting off on a Poseidon adventure.

View on the film:

Receiving keys to the room for the night from Dave, (played with a great uncomfortable laugh and skin-crawling unease by Tom Vermeir) writer/director Stefan Lernous's feature film debut lines the crumbling hotel walls with a grotesque Horror Comedy atmosphere, as Lernous & cinematographer Geert Verstraete enter each of the guest rooms with melting dissolves, whip-pans, fisheye lens and (fittingly) Dutch angles, all of which heighten the repulsive appearance of Dave and the residences.

Slicing into the fungus growing on the hotel walls, the screenplay by Stefan Lernous tries to match the directing in highlighting the strange, manic comedic behavior of each guest, which results in everyone in the movie being off-putting,with the gross-out gags of Dave's exchanges with the guests running out of punch-lines long before the doors are closed on the Hotel Poseidon.

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