House on Haunted Hill


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 52110

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Famke Janssen as Evelyn Stockard-Price
Ali Larter as Sara Wolfe
Ivana Milicevic as Period Film Actress
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as Melissa Margaret Marr
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marlieH 7 / 10

I don't understand why the the rating is so low.

Okay sure this movie is a remake and obviously not as good as the original. but its actually a really well done movie, definately deserves a better rating than 5.6. i really enjoyed it!

Reviewed by dannydc-07666 6 / 10

Review 01 - House on Haunted Hill

When I first viewed this film I wasn't expecting it to be anything good. In fact I thought it was going to be a poorly ripped off movie. I am surprised on how much I really enjoyed this film.

The film is about an abandoned mental asylum in the 1930's. It had quite a disturbing beginning, as it showed the doctors torturing the patients. They then escaped and started to attack and kill the doctors. It set the tone for the level of horror in the whole film. It really was awesome!

Many years later the house is brought and the wife of a rich theme park owner decides she wants to have a party at the house. After a change of the guest list by the house itself, 5 famous guests are selected to take part in a competition to win $1,000,000 If they survive the night.

Once the games begin, the film contains many surprises for both the audience and the characters. Many go missing and then the characters start turning on each other etc.

The house itself is really well made. It really was a frightening set throughout the whole of the house, from the basement to the attic. It was scary with the shots of the long, spooky corridors. The outside of the house could have been shown more throughout the film, as it did look frightening and well done.

The actors are a shine of light in this film. They put a look of effort into making their characters different from the others. For example they handle situations differently to the other characters. There weren't any characters that i didn't like because of poor performances.

Overall this film is a lot better than some of the other rubbish I have seen. With the creative set designs and the brilliant characters. It has been a while since i have seen a film with scenes that weren't cheesy or rushed. I recommend this movie!

Reviewed by joshfedderson 7 / 10

This House on Haunted Hill doesn't match the original

I love the classic made in 1959, but this remade one I'm sorry to say does not do it justice. All the actors do a great job but, the story is weird and hard to follow.

The story plays out the same way the original does except with a few different things,and the characters are different. Steven Price (Geoffrey Rush) is an amusement park creator and billionaire. He and his wife just like in the original really hate each other, to really tick off his wife he creates a completely new lists of invited guests to his wife's so called "Birthday Party" out of these guests are a Doctor, a Professional Baseball player, a secretary for a V.I.P for a major company, a TV celebrity, and the previous owner of the house who is crazy. If one of these people survive the night they will earn $100,000,000 million dollars. As like the original as the night wears on, things go to hell, Price and his wife compete with each other by playing tricks on the guests, but then things take a gruesome turn and people start dying. And a certain darkness comes over the house.

I give this new version that was made in 1999 a 7. My reasons for giving this version a 7 and not any lower are these reasons. The story did have a few interesting twists in it, like Price is just not some billionaire but a amusement park creator, his wife is even more snobbish and evil in this one and she even kills her secrete lover who is the doctor, and this one seems more darker and evil. I also give it a 7 because Geoffrey Rush is in it and I feel this film didn't do him justice he deserves he did a great job and when I first saw him I was like "There is Barbossa From Pirates of the Caribbean!" A Few other Actors I recognized like Bridgette Wilson, and Famke Jansen, but the others were completely new to me.

I was expecting to be scared, but I really didn't get scared, sure some parts were frightening but it was more fun and mysterious then all out horror and scary. I enjoyed the fact they made a classic song like "Sweet Dreams" a rock out version. I know the producers tried on this remake but it didn't do so well as I would have expected, it was fun, but it doesn't bring justice like it supposed to.

7/10 for 1999 House on Haunted Hill.

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