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George Brent as William Reynolds
Ann Dvorak as Nan Wilson Reynolds
Bette Davis as Patricia Berkeley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

the type of fluff that drove Bette Davis mad!

In biographies of the life and career of Bette Davis a lot of space is devoted to her dissatisfaction with her contract with Warner in the 1930s. Her feeling was that all too often, she was asked to perform in meaningless fluff that only stifled her career. Well, having seen most of Ms. Davis' films, I can definitely understand her frustration. For every good film she did during this time, she was dumped into several completely forgettable and hastily written B-quality films.

Having said all that, this movie is a prime example of the crap that Ms. Davis was given. Here she plays a home-wrecker but is essentially limited to looking nice in a dress and being a plot device--not a real character. And, the actual plot itself is pure soapy hogwash about selfish jerk Brent and his wife, Dvorak, who loves him in spite of his being a selfish jerk. Ho-hum. There's really more to it than that, but who really cares!? The film mercifully ends, but on a sour note that is completely contrived and does nothing to help this soggy film.

PS--an odd note is the "adorable" little guy that plays Brent and Dvorak's son. Despite this movie taking place over what would seem a few years, their kid never ages and it's really creepy. He also gets run over, but like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going. Perhaps the child is demonic? I dunno--I just know that continuity was a serious problem with the ragamuffin.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Romantic struggles

While the premise sounded pretty old-hat and familiar and the title not particularly appetising (not to mention trusted reviewers not caring for it), 'Housewife' did have enough to make me want to see it. The main reasons being Bette Davis, an acting legend, and Ann Dvorak, always a pleasure to watch. But also because of my appreciation of the genre 'Housewife' fits under and of my love for classic, pre-1970s film (though my film taste is made up of all decades and genres).

'Housewife' though could have been so much better. It is watchable and does have its good things, including Davis and Dvorak. There is also though nothing much special in 'Housewife' and has a lot of major drawbacks, with the story almost single-handedly bringing the film down. All did much better work, performances and films, despite coming off quite well this is lesser early Davis in terms of films and even a lot of her previous films are better.

As said, Davis commands the screen without over-doing it, though to me it wasn't a going through the motions type of performance. The best performance as others have said belongs to Dvorak, a sheer delight and perhaps the best and only real exceptional thing about 'Housewife'. The film looks good and is amiably scored.

It does pick up in momentum a little in the middle act where things got more eventful. There are moments where the dialogue isn't too corny or overwrought.

The story sadly badly undoes 'Housewife'. It is a slow-starter and takes far too long to find its footing. For so much of the length, the story is very flimsy in content and what there is is so been there done that that there are so few surprises. Then the film gets very rushed and cramped towards the end, culminating in an "out of the blue", very silly and tacked on ending that doesn't ring true for a second.

George Brent is very take or leave for me generally as an actor, and here he came over as very bland as a character impossible to feel anything for. The direction is very routine at best, which is a good way to sum up too much of the pace too. The characters are sketchy and only Dvorak's has much likeability. The script was in sore need of a tightening up and wit.

All in all, watchable but a big disappointment. 5/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

No Occupation, Just A Housewife

Housewife is the kind of film that drive feminists absolutely mad in presenting the woman as fit to be nothing more than the one who keeps home and hearth for the husband. It must have been especially galling for Bette Davis who definitely did not fit the mold of the message of this film.

Bette's not in the title role, she's the infamous 'other woman' of this Warner Brothers soap opera. The title role is played by Ann Dvorak, wife of George Brent, mother of Ronnie Cosbey. She tells Brent that he's not exactly showing a certain amount of get up and go needed to succeed in the world. That sends Brent off in the direction of Davis who is a career woman who just started working at Brent's advertising agency.

In the meantime Dvorak ain't taking this philandering lying down, she shows she's got some worldly ways after all and even gets an admirer in the person of John Halliday sniffing around.

But this is 1934 so films like this can only follow certain specific formula guidelines. All these people are so terribly civilized about all this infidelity.

1934 was the year Bette Davis finally got a breakthrough part in Of Human Bondage. Yet Warner Brothers would still cast her in fluff like Housewife. No wonder she took off for Great Britain.

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