How High 2



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 3 10 817

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Mary Lynn Rajskub as Ana Cheever
Mike Epps as Baby Powder
Susan Gallagher as Screaming Lady
DeRay Davis as Big Bang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neverendingcircles 2 / 10


This should not be called 'How High 2'. How does this relate to 'How High'? This movie is so corny, nothing like 'How High'.

Reviewed by CINEMAS32345 1 / 10

Waiting years for this movie was like waiting hours for food that ended up tasting nasty.

I will start out by saying this is a straight to TV movie.

The original "How High", starring Redman and Method Man, was about two stoners going to Harvard smoking pot laced with a dead friend's ashes, meanwhile an evil dean wanted them out. That film is hilarious.

But this film here, starring Lil' Yachty and DC Young Fly, is about two young stoners looking for their missing weed...I'm not even gonna waste time talking about the story.

Universal took too long to greenlight a sequel, but they kept hiring people who wrote bad scripts (according to Redman and Method Man), and they were very cheap with the film. Universal carelessly--I repeat CARELESSLY--decided to work with MTV, BS the script, cast a mumble rapper, throw in DC Young Fly and several different people, and release it as a straight to TV movie. Universal made this movie to shut fans up.

There were a few decent moments in the film, few giggles, but that's not saying much for the film. Mike Epps made an appearance as Baby Powder, with a wig, but that didn't cut it. Al Sherear came back, but now called I Got Money, for 2 seconds. However there were boring scenes and corny scenes. The scene where the main characters pretended to chaperone a high school field trip and discover a suspicious character who ended up stealing the weed bored me to death.

This movie is horrible, the CGI is lazily done, the plot is weak, this film was all kinds of bad. Universal just sat on this movie for over a decade, they defecated on it, let it sit at a window for a week, then rinsed it, microwaved it, and went "You got your movie. Happy?" This film rubbed me the wrong way.

If you love the original How High film that much, just avoid wasting your time watching this movie. Period.

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