How I Became a Super Hero

2020 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 3786

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Antoine Gouy as Médecin légiste
Leïla Bekhti as Callista
Vimala Pons as Lieutenant Cécile Schaltzmann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inexplicable007 6 / 10

A much cornier version of "Power"

I had high hopes for this movie despite the very goofy opening soundtrack. We are introduced to a cop who has some type of agreement with superheros although that's not really explained til later but he Is paired with a female partner much to his chargrin. Together they are on the case to figure out who is using powers to kill and start fires which leads them to a bigger issue than they previously thought. The Movie was pretty predictable and lacked depth. I rolled my eyes several times and got the feeling this was intended for teenagers due to the weak dialogue, "humor" and script. I was never impressed or even cared when some action did take place and was quite happy when the movie ended.

Reviewed by kingx-90803 7 / 10

It was not bad

Though it was reminding me Project Power film from 2020 but this version wasnt that bad. It was enjoyable as i do enjoy superhero type movies.

Many people now n days may rate a movie based on the plot or idea has been done and give them low scores But me i feel why do we have to rate a film based on how it compares to another one?

We should be rating movies based on the movie itself and how well it is. I seen someone give a 1/10 because it was similiar to project power lol and the guy seemed confused saying its the same movie but different title lmao.

Goes to show some people just didnt watch the whole movie before rating low scores

Reviewed by skingprajapati 5 / 10

Same Concept Like Project Power.

In Project Power use capsule to Get Power and in this Movie Use Stick To get Power. This Movie Not Satisfied me Weak Story line, Weak Action , Weak CGI vfx etc.....

Don't waste your time Go and Watch Project Power ( batter than this )

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