Howl from Beyond the Fog


Animation / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 56

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by no_vampires_here 7 / 10

It was nice

I liked it, nothing amazing but it was ok - congrats for the sculpting, music and story!

I gave 7 stars because of the puppets (the monster was GREAT!). The thing is, when your focus is on a puppet > make that puppet look good, not to mention move it nicely. The entire movie I've seen many mistakes where it was clear the puppeteer's hand was not doing the right thing. Also, why the lack of joints? I've seen cheap Barbie dolls with more joints than these puppets, come on.

Anyway, maybe next time go with stop-motion, it's what I was thinking the entire movie. And sorry to say but I enjoyed more the making off than the actual movie.

Goog luck in your next projects!

Reviewed by zombie84-1 9 / 10


One of the most haunting beautiful kaiju films made. Glad to own this piece of art.

Reviewed by MlleSedTortue 8 / 10

A taut and atmospheric tale with handcrafted artistry

A tale of trauma and prejudice told through a monster film. It's a simple story, but told in a beautiful and thoughtful way. Aside from the monster, there are no human actors used to portray any of the characters. And yet it manages to tell an emotional and well paced story using traditional Japanese techniques to bring its world to life. Given the short's limited recourses, the practical effects work is wonderful. It reminds me of a comment from Shiro Sano about how in the kaiju genre the focus is not on realism but on style and mood, a metric by which Daisuke Sato's films excels at. It leaves you wanting more and hopefully more films in the genre follow in its example.

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