Hugo and Josephine

1967 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 376

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eclecticology 10 / 10

A warm tale of what could be for children, and what could have been for adults.

I saw this at a cinémathèque in Paris in 1969, where it was followed by a discussion with the director. It is a film whose good feelings remain with me even more than 30 years later,

Hugo is a young boy who lives alone and has pretty well raised himself. Josefin is the daughter of the local preacher. Her mother had years before chosen the stable but dull life with the preacher over the exciting but insecure life with the gardener. The gardener returns each summer to practise his trade and fund the adventures he will have in the rest of the year. In the year of the film he befriends the children, and puts excitement in their summer. Although the mother is solid with her prior choice, (there is no question of a revived affair.) she sees a similar dilemma being arranged for her daughter.

The climax of the movie comes when the gardener's summer has ended and he must take his leave, much to the displeasure of the children. He is loath to face them to say good-bye, and tries to leave unnoticed. The children give chase, Hugo by riding his old-fashioned bicycle with the oversized front wheel. When a chair falls from the gardener's truck he must stop to retrieve it, only to find Josefin on the chair with Hugo standing beside her. There follows one of the most delightful dinner scenes on film in which the gardener's furniture is unloaded on the middle of the road, and the dinner proceeds as if they were all at home. At one point in the dinner each of them must take a whole hardboiled egg into his mouth at once to eat. The director announced that Josefin was not told about this before the actual take. The result is wholesome laughter. Ultimately the gardener indeed must leave, and he does so while the children and his furniture remain on the road. He reacts to his own tears by turning on the windshield wipers.

Reviewed by adamblake77 10 / 10

Magical film, why can't we see it?

I saw this film in about 1972 on television. My mother recommended it. She knew a lot about movies. I thought it was the most beautiful film about childhood that I'd ever seen. I saw it again at the National Film Theatre in the mid-80s. If anything, I was even more impressed, perhaps because of seeing it on the big screen for the first time. I was so glad to find this on the database as this film seems to have been almost completely forgotten about. At the NFT, it was shown with a black and white short called "The Carp", hailing from somewhere in Scandinavia, which was about a young boy's friendship with a carp fish that his father has bought for Christmas dinner. He takes it and puts it into the swimming pool that his father is the janitor of, explaining to his father that "he wasn't very well in the bath". That also was a magic film. Does anyone out there know anything about it? But back to "Hugo och Josefin": I remember this film so well. Everything about it is perfect. It is the only film I have ever seen that succeeds in re-creating what it actually feels like to be six or seven years old. It should be mandatory viewing in film schools and it should be recognised universally as a classic. Instead, it's completely unavailable anywhere. If anyone has a copy of it, I would be eternally grateful for a chance to buy a dub of it. I don't care how bad the quality is.

Reviewed by mgrich 10 / 10

Gentle, pleasing and moving film of childhood

I remember first seeing this film in 1968 when it struck me as an important piece of art. I saw it again on UK television in the early 70's and the second viewing confirmed my first judgement.

It is the story of two children of very different classes, one well cared for but sad, the other almost feral, but (mostly) happy. The atmosphere of genuinely enjoyed play on the young actors part, comes through in many of the scenes and I can still smile to myself over some of them, even though I have not seen the film for thirty years.

Now that I have grandchildren myself, I would like it to be available to them and to their parents as a realistic and very moving portrayal of what childhood was and should essentially remain, if only we could cut through the distractions of the 21st Century.

Why can I not find a copy on VHS or DVD? This is a great film of its time and needs to be more widely known about and watched.

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