Hunter in the Dark


Action / Adventure / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.0 10 513

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ken.H 7 / 10

A lot of famous faces, mediocre story

A lot of famous faces. Fun to watch "Sonny" Chiba on home turf. And isn't that "Tiger Tanaka" with the bald wig? Nakadai Tatsuya as expected puts in most of the acting force. Some obligatory blood sprays, one amputated arm, but not really sufficient for the true "chambara" aficianado. Kishi Keiko is uninspiring. Ayumi Ishida makes a good effort despite being a pop singer just turned actress. Watch out for the camerman, he's determined to make you dizzy. The music? A little cheesy. In fact different music might have changed the entire tone of the film. Leaves one with the question; "Did they really have strip joints like that in 18th century Edo?".

Reviewed by InjunNose 7 / 10

Meandering, self-indulgent...but rewarding.

I'm a big fan of Japanese cinema, but this is the only Hideo Gosha film I've seen so far. It was well worth the wait! Years ago I read a review of another Gosha film, "The Wolves", and the writer referred to it at least twice as "self-indulgent". As it turns out, this description can also be applied to "Hunter in the Dark". Gosha introduces multiple plot threads in rapid succession, tying them together only at his leisure. You have to be attentive and patient; the payoff comes during the (very intense) fight scenes. Flawed protagonist Tatsuya Nakadai is great as always, and Shinichi 'Sonny' Chiba shows remarkable restraint as his nemesis. Storywise, "Hunter in the Dark" is a real downer--as many martial arts films are--but it's superbly directed and acted. There's also some nudity and sex that is more or less gratuitous; I've read that sex was a vital ingredient in Gosha's movie-making formula, but it doesn't really seem to add anything to this film. 7 and 1/2 stars.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 7 / 10

Samurai Lear Meet the Godfather!

A violent film involving the jockeying for position among a group of warriors that resemble the characters in any American gangster film. The fact that they are Ronin or Samurai, trying to off one another, doesn't change this. At times it is hard to figure out who the good guys are (or the good girls). Is the boss really all that great? Is his opponent really worthy of leadership. Does the one-eyed guy have too much baggage and how is he viewed in the entire fabric of his world? Is he really a piece of dangerous meat? Is he just a weapon or does he speak for anything? There is a lot of slashing and stabbing and blood spurting and crunching sounds. It must have been hard to be part of the political being of the times. But then, who are these guys and why do they have so much power? Anyway, a bit confusing as to what happened, who won, and what's next?

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