Hunter's Moon


Crime / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.2 10 253

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Thomas Jane as The Sheriff
Amanda Wyss as Bernice Delaney
Katrina Bowden as Juliet Delaney
Sean Patrick Flanery as Martin Ellsbury
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spottylittlegit 1 / 10

FILM ON VIEWS review for Hunter's Moon

It's godawful...even for a straight to redbox movie

I was fooled into thinking this looked decent due to the premise, the poster, and what looked like a decent cast (Thomas Jane, Jay Mohr,...that girl from Tucker and Dale), but I was flim flammed! This is not the sum of it's parts...and it's barely a werewolf movie

What it is is one big telegraphed twist, poorly done, with a self congratulatory pat on the back at the end. Surprise! The family ARE the werewolves! BAM! I mean mind blown right? (hearty WINK!) Except...the twist is pretty much spelled out from the get go, so the big reveal is more of a shrug and a "meh"

The acting is also surprisingly bad, for the cast they seem to have improbably scraped together. On top of that, the casting is The "bad boy" thieves look straight from Disney casting, the eldest "teen" daughter looks to be in her thirties, and Jay Mohr just looks bored. Or maybe like he's hosting SNL but never bothered to rehearse his lines. Thomas Jane on the other hand does seem to be the only one giving a decent performance, and does a decent job, but by doing so only serves to highlight just how poorly done the rest of the movie is that is constructed around him. He is giving an B+ performance in a D+ flick, which just feels out of place

One reviewer (VIEWS ON FILM...which I decided to poke a little fun at) described this as "An American Werewolf In Cali" as well as comparing it to The Howling. Buyer is nothing like either. That's like saying Sharknado is a lot like Jaws, or Alien is very similar to Mansquito. You are comparing a fine wine to gutter runoff that happens to have a few grapes in it

This is a werewolf movie with barely any werewolves (which is a blessing....they look like hot garbage), with an alternate title of "the Orchard" which fittingly enough is also barely about an orchard. The whole thing felt like a rejected episode of Supernatural. It was bad, dull, and felt unfinished, and rather than being a good time, instead left me feeling a sense of empathy toward Thomas Jane, that his career has taken a trajectory where he is reduced to doing something like this. he deserves better...and so do we

Reviewed by barcode72 1 / 10


If you're looking for the next great werewolf flick, trust me, this isn't it, awful acting from usually reliable actors(they MUST have been in it for the paycheck only) terrible plot, & don't even get me started on the ridiculous werewolf costume, seriously folks, give this one a wide birth.

Reviewed by armadilla17 5 / 10

Why all the hate

Reading the reviews you would think this was the worst movie ever made but believe me there are a heck of a lot worse. Was it An American Werewolf in London? No. Is it worth a watch? Yes, if you're stuck on what to watch and come across this.

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