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basketball player

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Reviewed by ryanlion-38514 7 / 10

Best film of the year

This movie actually made me feel something, unlike anything else I have really seen this year or lately. I thought some parts were cheesy, but still definately worth watching. I don't know if it is my love for the sport, but you don't have to enjoy this film. I hated uncut gems and I thought this was 5 notches higher. Imo nothing will compare to He Got Game as it stands as my favorite but still worth your time. Thumbs up. Good job Adam just as I had almost lost faith in any of your productions you pull a slam dunk.

Reviewed by lagoonfun 9 / 10

If You Love The Game Of Basketball You'll Enjoy This!

I found myself engulfed in this movie at the theater. The story transitioned well from scene to scene. There's a lot of NBA players who show up in the movie and they did a good job acting. My only complaint is Juancho Hernangómez and his "family" speaking in the film. It's really hard to understand them because of their thick accents. I personally needed subtitles, but of course there were no subtitles at the movie theater. But he did a good job acting.

I actually quite enjoyed this film. People who have a great knowledge of basketball will notice some "underground" basketball legends like The Professor and Bone Collector from the old school And1 mixtape tours.

Adam Sandler yells in the film. You know you were looking forward to it. It wouldn't be an Adam Sandler film without it. LOL. But in all seriousness, there's not much yelling. Adam Sandler's other basketball movie "Uncut Gems" was 90% yelling. Like every character was speaking in their angry voice for 2 hours. This movie was way better than Uncut Gems.

Reviewed by willandcharlenebrown 4 / 10

Am I really the first receiver? Haha

Decent movie just saw it today. Nice cast. But Sandler it's way past his prime. Still a legend for Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. He's lucky Neetflix likes him. Haha.

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