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Felicity Jones as Emily Dalrymple
Hugh Dancy as Mortimer Granville
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Charlotte Dalrymple
Rupert Everett as Edmund St. John-Smythe
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Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 6 / 10


Gently amusing tale of misguided medicine, female masturbation, and the invention of the dildo.

I won't go into details of the plot, which gets a little intricate, but Hugh Dancy is a young doctor who is swept up in a nutty scheme to get off all the unsatisfied wealthy women of London, inducing "paroxysms," first by hand, then with an electric device. Plump Mrs. Castellari breaks into a famous aria during one of her paroxysms.

Women are luckier that men as far as paroxysms go. They don't suffer the same prolonged refractory period. This is demonstrated in the film when Molly the maid, the first experimental subject, has three paroxysms in five minutes, boldly going where no man has gone before.

You must love the production design. Most of it takes place in indoor settings and Victorian stuff is great to look at and to use and those potted plants and the salacious servants. The acting is professional, the dialog sometimes cunning, and the movie isn't at all dirty.

Further, it has a serious substrate -- feminine independence from the oppressive mores of 1888. It also raises questions of moral value like ignoring the poor and treating the wealthy. (We seem to be struggling with a similar issue today.) If you enjoyed, say, "The Wrong Box," you ought to like this. Although, I must say, the notion of masturbating females while relieving them of their panorama of "hysterical symptoms" isn't new. I gave a sterling performance in an earlier treatment of the subject, "The Road to Wellville," in which Sir Anthony Hopkins gets to contemptuously spit out the line -- "It's her womb. He's man-IP-ulating it!"

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

good light fun

It's 1880 London. Stress out women of all kinds are diagnosed with hysteria. The remedy is pelvic massage and the release of orgasm. Medicine still uses leeches and germs are a new concept. Dr. Mortimer Granville (Hugh Dancy) is fired from the hospital for changing with clean bandages. After many rejections, he gets a job with Dr. Robert Dalrymple (Jonathan Pryce) who treats only women. Charlotte (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is his rebellious suffragette daughter and Emily (Felicity Jones) is the obedient one who studies phrenology. The constant 'treatments' are wearing out Mortimer's hand. His gentleman inventor flatmate Edmund St. John-Smythe (Rupert Everett) helps develop a vibrator for the work.

The subject matter is titillating amusement. Everybody plays it straight with a smile. It's light fun with a bit of serious issue. It's not big laughs but it's an enjoyable little rom-com. They all play the roles great especially Gyllenhaal's firecracker act.

Reviewed by grantss 8 / 10

Surprisingly good

Surprisingly good.

Was expecting a rather dry, documentary-style movie and it turned out to be quite funny, and thought-provoking. Despite it's potentially- raunchy subject, it manages to avoid all the easy dirty jokes and innuendo, and tells the story with sensitivity and a straight face. Also makes a case for women's lib.

Superb performances all round. Maggie Gyllenhaal is delightful and Hugh Dancy is charming. Good support from Jonathan Pryce and Felicity Jones. The hidden gem is Rupert Everett's performance as the eccentric scientist.

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