I Am Dragon

2015 [RUSSIAN]

Adventure / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 4324

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Ieva Andrejevaite as Yaroslava

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qtkt18 10 / 10

Best Fantasy Film I've See In Ages.

This film was amazing! I am really excited about this one because it's so rare to find really good fantasy films these days. So this one is a gem. The plot is excellent, with well developed characters and amazing backstory. You find yourself completely wrapped up in the narrative and even on the edge of your seat a few times. It is also relatively clean, which is a relief. It has a few mature moments, but nothing like a certain popular fantasy series with dragons that I'm still mad about because the content was so bad... never mind. Sore spot. The Russian language is also very fun to listen to. It has a sound to it that really adds something to the film and I could listen to it all day. The acting is top notch and the special effects are very well done too. All in all, I highly recommend this film to any and all fantasy fans. 10 out of 10 stars!

Reviewed by kayspam 9 / 10


This was a perfect romantic feel-good movie. The camera work was beautiful. The special effects were wonderful; the fantastical interacted with the real seamlessly. The plot was great, I loved the transition from folk tale to 'reality.' I especially liked the development of the two main characters, Mira most of all. Her initial introduction had me thinking she was going to be a brat through-out and I was pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by ravensongcreek 7 / 10

Don't overlook this - it is well worth watching

It would be so easy to overlook this movie. The trailer alone is enough to turn you off as being a predictable sweet romance. It is that. But then it isn't. There's a simplicity and beauty and .... dare I say it ....humility to this movie that is quite simply captivating. It's disarming in its simplicity. It's beautifully filmed, beautifully acted and the music is magical. There are beautiful films that almost seem to parade their beauty: Look at me, they proclaim, look how gorgeous I am. There is none of that in this movie. It simply is. Unpretentious, yet moving. I would say this baby sister to the big sister charm of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. And that is a credit to both films - so completely different though they are.

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