I Am Greta

2020 [SWEDISH]

Biography / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cineanalyst 7 / 10

An Inconvenient Truth

For many it was former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's slide-show presentation of a documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" (2006), Greta Thunberg cites a video she saw at school on polar bears endangered by the loss of sea ice from climate change, and for others it's been Thunberg's activism spotlighted in social media and for still others it very well could be "I Am Greta" that awakens them to the perils of global warming. Motion pictures are powerful that way. Such reflexive musings occasionally made by Thunberg--she also compares her travels and rise to fame to as if she were living in a movie-- aside, I didn't have high expectations for this documentary, as I'm not usually very interested in such cinematic lectures or celebrity profiles. That "I Am Greta" hasn't received stellar reviews, albeit more positive than not, from the sort of entertainment critics that tend to be predisposed to such material wasn't heartening, either. But, I like the observational approach of the camera here mixed with Thunberg's narration, and director Nathan Grossman got quite the scoop capturing the teenager's initially-solo school strike outside the Swedish parliament and building it up into a saga of the schoolgirl crisscrossing Europe, meeting world leaders and inspiring other children around the world, before ending with a climactic sea voyage across the Atlantic to admonish more politicians to their faces at the United Nations in New York.

Thunberg says her activism isn't about her but rather about the issue of anthropogenic climate change, but Grossman is right to keep the focus on the star here, and she's adroit at exploiting--her, not her parents or whomever else, as is made clear in the documentary--her position as a Swedish child, including one with Asperger's, to do what no adult could really get away with--making being curt and passionate in her lecturing come across as inspirational and appealing to the paternal instincts of the supposed adults in the room. I mean, besides the ones who are despots or childish nincompoops, or both--your Bolsonaros, Putins, Trumps and Piers Morgans of the world. It's impressive how she's built a following and movement and has leveraged it to put pressure on leaders and figures who care about governing--the likes of Macron, Merkel, the Pope, even former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the common laments of "I Am Greta" seems to be that it won't convert anyone from the other side. Yet, in an age when science is denied for political reasons and others are demonized even when they're a teenager, that was never really a possibility. Thunberg has the right idea focusing on her peers who haven't yet grown into a feedback loop of confirmation bias, conspiracy theories and misinformation. The science here is established, so her role is to push her movement to galvanize the adults capable of accepting responsibility and scoff at the rest of them.

The best exchange in the whole movie, though, is the first one. An old woman approaches Thunberg to reprimand her for not being in school, to which Thunberg retorts that there's no need for an education without a future. Two years later, at 17, she's already been more altruistic and influential in her career as a climate-change activist than whomever that old woman was or most of us ever will be. Even those who don't understand the greenhouse effect or comprehend the dangers of humanity's destruction of nature even while a resulting pandemic rages should be able to see the irony there.

Reviewed by khdragonfly 10 / 10


Greta is a hero. She, unlike the average person, is willing to face the truth and to do something about it. See this documentary for yourself. Ignore the one-star reviews from the haters and trolls whose reviews drip with the venom of hatred. They claim to have a problem with the messenger but they are being disingenuous. It is really the message that they hate and fear. They don't want to admit that the way in which they live is destroying the planet. They think that ignoring the consequences of their actions is somehow their "freedom", their "right" yet they squander the future of the young and the not-yet-born. What about THEIR rights?

Reviewed by Jim_E_Cornette 1 / 10

Glorified exploitation of a mentally ill child.

Do I believe climate deterioration is real? YES. Do I believe we should be doing a far better job of taking care of the planet we live on? YES!

But unfortunately all this is, is blatant exploitation of an attention-starved mentally ill child under the guise of one or another world-affecting blight. It's the equivalent of holding up posters of starving children in Africa, or racks of whale corpses with the headline "SAVE THE WHALES", or the more recent "MY CHILD WAS BULLIED AT SCHOOL, RAISE MONEY FOR US" hoax.

It's a scam that quite a few sheep will fall for, as per usual, seeing all the hilariously rated-10 reviews here. The same people who really believed Greta saying she had Covid but recovered at a time when she had been completely forgotten, so she needed to get attention somehow.

Even more laughable to see the same sheep considering her for a Nobel prize, which she had done absolutely nothing to deserve. She doesn't deserve a Nobel or a documentary. What she needs is a good therapist.

I get that there's far too many people in the world who are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but get a frikkin grip already. You're embarrassing your mommas.

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