I Am What I Am

2021 [CHINESE]

Animation / Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by smiletanxing 8 / 10

Definitely one of the best Chinese cartoon

This animation is one of the 2021 movies that raised a hot debate. But in my personal opinion, I am What I am is an awesome Chinese movie.

The story is about a weak teenage boy called A Juan, who's also passionate about lion dancing, a traditional Chinese art performance in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume, takes part in the top lion dance competition for the honor and money and his journey of it.

Some criticized it for the characters' appearance, saying it uglifies Guangdong people; some think the Lion dancing learning is too fast and too unrealistic. Well, those make sense in some way, but hey, it's animation after all(not a documentary), we use exaggerations all the time. As a drama/animation, it's nothing wrong when the director puts the focus on the growth of the character rather than discussing how we learn the traditional lion dancing for like 10 years.

The reasons I like this movie are:

a. This movie chooses to tell a story that we aren't that familiar with, which is rather bold a move in China. In most cases, this usually means a bad box office. But this movie conveys a good concept that a good Chinese animation movie can independently discuss local culture and local stories. It doesn't have to be those big IPs like the Monkey Kind(Sun WuKong) or Nezha(Deity), that it can be recognized and appreciated by the audience even if none of the characters are famous.

B. The first half part of the movie is quite relaxing, you laugh with the boys and you look for a master with them. And you laugh because they are funny, the twists are natural, not deliberately designed.

C. The end part is realistic. After A Juan went won first place in that competition, he is still down to earth and went to Shanghai for work. I especially like the part where he already decided to give up but on seeing the competition he just plucks up the courage and goes back to the game. The struggle is impressive and tense.

Reviewed by Lightsoncn 9 / 10

A Disney-match best animation in 2021

Excellent animation! Its whole story, animation technique and the main roles' setting are ranked in the first class. I think it can be ranked in the level of Disney or Pixar. I give this animation 9/10 as it is almost satisfying except for some a little fabricated dialogue lines. Another important merit is this Chinese animation is a realistic one concentrating on the current local Chinese society, without any Chinese legends' background such as Sun Wukong or Ne Zha, which means the comic producers in Chinese more and more independent and powerful.

Some so-called Chinese patriotic audience, trolls actually, said the animation is a humiliation to China because the leading roles have long-small-evil eyes like "The Mandarin" in Marvel Universe. Oh come on! Aren't you too sensitive to ignore the true nature of this passionate movie?

The proper way of defending one's country is to make great achievements with so-called characteristics rather than crying out like a baby or cursing online or accusing that you were humiliated. Characteristics like your appearance are your born nature, nothing good, nothing bad, it is unnecessary to express patriotism or hatred to the country with them, and if others do, just ignore them because this is stupid nonsense. Think about the story of the label "Made in Germany", which was first used to mark the poorly-produced goods from Germany because of their lower quality. However, German people tried their best and later made the label became the mark of best quality. See? Did German cried and accused that was a humiliation to Germany? No, of course not, it can only be useless. Only by hard-working and making higher achievements can you change the way others comment on you and eliminate the so-called "humiliation".

Reviewed by hello_yyh 1 / 10

it is gross

If you want to watch the untrue empress of China environment and Chinese people, as well as the plot which is not able to make much sense, this movie will be the best option.:D.

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