I Blame Society



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Devon Graye as Taylor
Aaron Moorhead as Detective on TV
Macon Blair as Aaron Robertson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

a film you...

Might regret that you started to watch. its so easy and smug in the start until all of a sudden your entwined into something very very cruel that you really regret you put on for your kids at your saturday family getogether by the screen.

its the story about the well educated, wannabe filmaker that noone will take serious, neither as a person or her recent work. she also has a mouthfull of bimbolistic chatter that only the most precarious and patient person are able to live with. so when all the naysayers has turned her into a ''looser'' on the filmfront, shes hit by a shot of ptsd and comes up with a sinister plan to make ''them'' believe in her, and that she can manage better than anyone, and that the completed product will create attention.

its a slow burner of a tacky horrorthriller, it has a dull start, but when the cooking plate is on full every sane person will remove the hand, cause when the boiling point is reached, youre in for a pretty gory autobiographic cv of a jobless filmaker.

the cast is very small on actors, they act fine though, the main does the pathinery into an art of itself, and the director has screwed together a story that possibly couldve happened in real life. the grumpy old man though who doesnt like films with tirades of chatter gives just 6 stars, but the idea and concept very good.

Reviewed by carlos-pires 9 / 10

This is how you do it

For all the moviemaker-wannabes out there: this is how you do it: a simple plot, a great script, a great main character, and... talent! What a great, twisted, dark comedy!

Is it perfect? No. Would I change anything in it? Not really. Everything is right, and everything contributes to an end result that is definitely worth so much more than the sum of its parts.

It accomplishes so much with so little! And it is masterfully shot and edited, despite the apparent amateurish look. Usually, I hate anything with this "handheld/selfie cam" look, but these guys really have the talent to pull this off.

I can't wait to see what Gillian Wallace Horvat comes up with next.

Reviewed by cylemmulo 5 / 10

Kind of cool idea

Wanted to like it. However they tried to go the extra miles on some parts where they really shouldn't have, like adding in some really dumb effects in places where it would have been better without. The main plot just needed something extra. I jsut wanted to the whole thing to be over. The end was just so lazy and predictable.

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