I Care a Lot


Comedy / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6616

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Alicia Witt as Dr. Amos
Peter Dinklage as Roman Lunyov
Chris Messina as Dean Ericson
Dianne Wiest as Jennifer Peterson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adocm 2 / 10

The second half negates the first.

I gave it two stars because Dinklage was in it. Hopefully, he only did it for the paycheck. Otherwise, the movie achieves the seemingly impossible. It is built on mercilessly overused clichés and it is illogical and makes no sense whatsoever at the same time. A couple of pathetic scammers exploiting the indifferent elderly care system turn superheroes and take on the brutal "Russian mafia" (who else is out there?). The mafia's assassins are super skilled and yet can't do anything right. Consequently, the armed to the teeth mob loses to a couple of evil pencil pushers. All it takes to trick the mob is a wig and a pair of glasses. Why the mafia is "Russian" is anyone's guess. They don't even speak with the mandatory fake Russian accent, which left me completely confused.

I wouldn't know who I was supposed to sympathize with in this trainwreck. The movie about the moose and the squirrel - fighting Boris and Natasha - had more heart, maturity, intelligence and convincing characters in it.

The movie starts off well, but then quickly deflates. Overall, it is a waste of time.

Reviewed by jrmeretis 1 / 10

Unlikeable Protagonist, Unsatisfying Story

It's already a bad sign if from the beginning I was sympathizing with the man who was not supposed to be sympathized with. This guy sees that his mother's being taken advantage of, (understandably) curses out the woman who's responsible, and she comes back with this cliche "if you touch me I'll rip off your balls!"

And somehow I'm supposed to be rooting for her? Like "you go girl! Show the man who's trying to protect his elderly mother who's boss"? She deserved to be shot and killed by him

I feel like they tried to do some "Breaking Bad" thing, where the protagonist is a ruthless antihero who still manages to be likeable. The problem is, there's absolutely nothing likeable about this cruel woman as she's not even motivated by good intentions (like at least Walter White was loyal to his family). She's just selfish and detestable. I was just waiting for her to suffer and die the whole time

The synopsis made it seem like the old woman who they try to con would actually be intelligent and savvy herself. And she would gradually trick and ruin the lives of the protagonist and her girlfriend until they hit rock bottom and realize the error of their ways. Instead, there's nothing satisfying about it at all

Reviewed by debby-cuppycake 1 / 10

Unbelievably shallow.

Starts off with great promise, but then proceeds to become a total train wreck. Anti-heroes do not have to be likeable in order for a film to be deemed good, but they must evoke some sort of likeability in order for the audience to root for them. Rosamund Pike's character is so unbelievably reprehensible, and the portrayal of the so-called Russian mafia is so far off from reality, that the entire experience leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Being cold-hearted and ruthless does not make one a "lioness" - it only makes them a disgusting predator leeching off the helpless and the elderly.

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