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1979 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Political and conspiracy thriller with outstanding acting , excellent editing and competent filmmaking

Highly controversial examination of a magnicide from the viewpoint of an intelligent investigator . A recent and fictional re-elected President of a fictitious state has been assassinated, similar to death JFK's 1963 . As a magnicide takes place , then a determined , stubborn prosecutor investigates and while emerging a dark and twisted conspiracy behind it . In the course of his search he proves a different look at the strange deeds . In this especulation the investigator organizes an expert team and he finds evidence that casts serious doubt on the committee's "lone-gunman" theory. Things go wrong when happen deaths of many of those involved , including several witnesses , the supression or ignoring of evidence by others and as the event leading to unexpected consequences , adding a surprising finale .

Riveting , persuasive thriller , this is a fascinating account of an assassination , after that , one of the members , Ives Montand , of the investigation committee refuses to sign the final report and is given the task of investigating once more . The picture stills grips almost throughout because of the subject and Montand's exploration and examination of it . Political thriller inspired by the conspiracy theories surrounding the magnicide of JFK's 1963 . A very bold and clever yarn that basically told the "JFK" story thinly posing as having taken place not in North America . Considered to be by some to be a cinematic masterpiece , others see it as a revisionist and provoking story that should be taken with a grain of salt . However, the phsychological test sequence which is admittedly a bit boring and a little over long, being based on the Milgram experiments at the university of Yale. As the picture follows in the wake of ¨Executive action¨ 1973 by David Miller and the notorious JFK 1991 by Oliver Stoner starred by Kevin Costner as prosecutor Garrison , an alike-character Ives Montand . Ives Montand gives conviction to his role as Le procureur Henri Volney . Although plenty of unknown secondaries , being poorly support cast . No matter , the facts win out here . It is very well acted by Ives Montand who had a long and prolific career as Europe as Hollywood , he even played with Marilyn Monroe in Let's make love . He starred a great number of films , being his first great hit : Wagers of fear . Following Gates of the night , Grand Prix , Is Paris burning ? , Le sauvage , On a clear day you can see , Red Circle , Jean de Florette , Manon des Sources , among others . And he performed various controversial and political films as Stage of siege , Guerra est finie, Special section , The confession and Z .

The picture contains an attractive score by maestro Ennio Morricone and is splendidly directed by Henry Verneuil, a Turkish director working in France from the 40s. Although not a director of great reputation among the critics, his movies have almost all been aimed squarely at the commercial market. Verneuil is an expert on heist-genre such as he proved in ¨The Sicilians clan(68)¨ also with Gabin and Delon, ¨The burglars(1971)¨with Omar Shariff and Jean Paul Belmondo , furthermore on Warlike genre : ¨Weekend at Dunkirk¨and ¨The 25th hour¨and only one Western : Guns of San Sebastian(68)¨. He seemed to have dropped out of the film-making after 1976, but in 1981 unexpectedly reappeared with yet another of his caper film : ¨Thousand millions of dollars¨. Rating : Good movie and above average, a must see for Ives Montand fans .

Reviewed by rainfall 10 / 10

one of the greatest conspirological thrillers of all time

Henri Verneuil's film may be not so famous as Parallax View, 3 Days of the Condor or JFK but it is certainly not worse and sometimes even better than these classic representatives of the genre. Action takes place in fictional western state where fictional president has been killed. After several years of investigation, special government commission decides that president was killed by a lone gunman. But one man - prosecutor Volney, played by Yves Montand - thinks there's something more to be investigated and so the film starts. This movie doesn't deal with some exact theories, but it embraces the whole structure of relationship between government and society in today's world. Such film could be made only in the 1970-ies but it will never lose it's actuality. Furthermore, it's even a bit frightful how precise are it's oracles. 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by chandler-47 9 / 10

Top notch thriller

I'm not tired to say this is one of the best political thrillers ever made. The story takes place in a fictional state, but obviously it deals with the murder of Kennedy. A truthful and honest district attorney (played by Yves Montand) does not believe that the murder was planned and executed by the single man Daslow (=Oswald) and though all other officials want to close the case he continuous to investigate with his team.

The screenplay is written tight and fast and holds the tension till the end. Just the part dealing with the Milgram experiment about authorities is (though not uninteresting) a bit out of place. The ending sequence - explaining who Icarus really is - partly shot in slow motion and intensified by a Morricone soundtrack is the most powerful sequence I have ever seen in a movie.

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