I Know You're in There


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 799

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Minae Noji as Spirit
Grainne McDermott as Chloe Redding
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by just_in_case 4 / 10

Interesting premise sadly wasted

I feel obligated to at least give it a 4 as it was watchable. The premise is interesting, there's an admirable effort to do something at least a little different and there's at least a bit of purpose for having the camera around for once.

That said there's a ton of problems with the film. The main character is an unlikable douchebag from beginning to end. The script was OK, but the way he acted was extremely robotic and so you can tell there's lines that are supposed to be delivered with certain emotional emphasis and he just couldn't do it. Early on when he's told he has an catatonic sister he not only doesn't react at all but shortly after decides he's gonna take care of her, in a house in the woods he's never been to so he can make videos for his school project? It takes a massive sigh to get over that idiotic explanation for getting to "the scary cabin" point in the film. Especially given the circumstances.

Once you get to that point the movie is fairly watchable in an amateur horror film kind of way. I'm guessing that first part is why this is getting such low reviews. The guy really is difficult to watch. There's lot of good amateur horror films that are populated by turds but you can't focus on them and make them "act". The secondary character in the film actually did a pretty decent job with what was given though.

TLDR you're gonna want to pass on this one. It's just a slog.

Reviewed by jerkatron 1 / 10

good idea, terrible movie. don't bother

i don't normally write reviews, especially for pointless movies like this, but i couldn't leave flitz4543 as the only reviewer. saying anyone who disagrees with them must have ulterior motives is just insultingly transparent bullshit. this movie is not good in the least. a cool idea, but really bad script, really bad cinematography, and really bad acting (except one person who doesn't have a ton to do for most of it, but was quite good). the whole movie was lazy clichés and padded time. everything that actually happened happened unconvincingly quickly, like 0 to 60, which is extra lame because so much of the movie is wasted time. so many shots of rocks and clouds and walls, so many scenes of nothing happening, they could have expanded the actual events of the story to fill more time. though i doubt that would have improved the overall quality much

Reviewed by glitterflame89 6 / 10

Worth a Watch, but nothing incredibly exceptional

This movie deserves higher than a 4.5. The premise is great, there is a good creepy vibe to it, the story is intriguing. But that being said, it does have its issues. It takes awhile to get into, almost everything interesting happens in the last half hour of the film, and nothing is explained, because the film didn't seem to know which way it wanted to twist. I didn't find the acting to be terrible, but I did think the main character was much too unlikable. His girlfriend was much easier to root for than he was. I wouldn't suggest spending the money to buy it, personally, but it is definitely worth the couple of dollars to rent.

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