I Love Maria

1988 [CN]

Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 468

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Tony Chiu Wai Leung as T.Q. Zhuang
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Reviewed by gojulas 10 / 10

One of my favorate Hong Kong films.

A sci-fi action film and gag filled comedy is about an improbable love triangle between washed out gangster Whiskey, put upon police scientist Curly, and a robot named Maria. The Hero gang has been terrorizing Hong Kong at will with their giant robot, Pioneer One. Bumbling reporter Ching attempts to track down the story, only to have his efforts thwarted at every turn by the police. Meanwhile Whiskey and Curly fall under suspicion from both their employers when they befriend each other during a bar fight. They flee, only to be hunted down by the Hero Gang's latest robot, Pioneer Two. Modeled after the gang's beautiful second in command, Maria (and intentionally resembling the Maria robot from Metropolis)the robot becomes damaged during it's pursuit. Curly rebuilds her to aid him and his friends to clear their names, and spends the rest of the film battling Whiskey for her affections. (In order to issue her a command one must begin with "I love Curly", much to Whiskeys annoyance.) This fun film epitomizes the "can do" attitude of 1980's Hong Kong film making. The special effects may seem clumsy, but the earnest effort and shear joy of film making shows through. The eventual triumph of the three friends (four if you count Maria) should put a smile on anyone who's ever felt like an outcast.

Reviewed by gridoon2022 6 / 10

The only thing better than one Sally Yeh is two of them

Imaginative action sequences (particularly the clash of two robots, and one involving a flying motorcycle), impressive special effects (mostly just good old-fashioned mechanical stuff), and Sally Yeh's incredible beauty and solid acting make up for a less-than-engaging story in this bizarre Hong Kong action-fantasy-comedy, which I would recommend mostly to experienced HK viewers, and maybe comic book fans. The first 40 minutes or so are kind of hard to sit through, but then some of the jokes start working, the action becomes more frequent, and Sally Yeh begins to play a bigger part in the movie. Actually, she plays TWO parts: a vicious villainess, and a robot that's made by the bad guys to look just like her and eventually gets re-programmed by the good guys to help them out. It also starts developing human emotions, and it's to Sally Yeh's credit that, using only a few expressions, she manages to give this robot a human soul and make you care about her. And did I mention she is just incredibly, pause-the-DVD-to-admire-her-face beautiful? (**1/2)

Reviewed by r-27377 7 / 10

A Guilty Pleasure

The plot is simple at best, and the humor is often childish, and yet it works. The reason it 'works' is likely the pace. As in a movie like Airplane, you do not have much time to think about each attempt at humor, as there is another one following too close on its heals. The effects were actually quite good for the time and apparent budget. Surprisingly to me, the characters were actually not likeable for the most part. The only likeable characters would be the semi-retired gang boss and the android Maria. If you already like period HK action and comedy, then you will likely like this one. I am not a genre fan and I still liked it after watching it for the first time today.

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