I Love You, Man


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7 10 190437


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Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven
Melissa Rauch as Woman Jogger Yelling at Sydney
Rashida Jones as Zooey Rice
Aziz Ansari as Eugene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjsreg 1 / 10

A less that zero

I don't know what film other reviewers were watching but I don't think it was this one!

This film is AWFUL from beginning to end. It is a very slowly drawn out torturous film with an extremely boring storyline and nothing funny about it or in it whatsoever,

Some of the acting is OK from the supporting cast but the main cast is just vacuous trite and unbelievable - in every way.

It is so boring I really can't think of anything that is worth mentioning about the film. It looks like a made for TV factory production where even the lighting is as artificial and boring as the rest of it.

Reviewed by jonsefcik 5 / 10

Not even Rush could save this bland comedy

The fact that Rush are in the movie and that the main characters are Rush fans was the sole reason I decided to give this movie a try. Turns out that's the only thing to look forward to. Besides the couple scenes centered around Rush, this movie is mostly bland and forgettable. The acting isn't particularly great, the camera-work and direction are rather dull and unstylistic, and I couldn't bring myself to care about the characters very much. Things just sort of happen without much emotional weight. Since this is a comedy, I could forgive the lacking aspects of the film if it was at least funny. Unfortunately the movie isn't really that funny. I had two or three involuntary grins and chuckles but nothing made me involuntarily burst out laughing. Even their Rush fandom is only shown as surface level; only popular songs like "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight" are showcased (with a brief mention of "Spirit of Radio" somewhere in there) and I think it would have been more rewarding for viewers (who happen to be Rush fans) if they picked some lesser known songs. Not anything super obscure like "Tai Shan" or "The Necromancer", but how about something like "Closer To The Heart", "Fly By Night", or "YYZ"? Sydney has a 2112 poster in his man cave but we never hear "2112"! It also would have made sense for them to listen to some lesser known songs since Sydney is apparently a big enough fan that he bought a Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. A lot of people seem to love this movie and that's fine but I personally found it rather dull. Its not really worth checking out, even for Rush.

Reviewed by John Brooks 7 / 10

Better than expected

One glance at the poster and one could expect this to be way too obvious from the getgo.

Of course, it absolutely is a totally mainstream, formatted comedy with conform Hollywood structure and a comedy spoonfed to the audience with an obvious moral at the end...etc... but exactly in that regard, it's not as bad as it "should've been".

It actually does surprisingly well at developing itself very quickly for the setup at the end. This film's goal was to create a strong relationship between two friends, and have the ending carry meaning and feel the right way in just 1hr45, which isn't an easy task even for formulaic Hollywood.

It's actually funnier than expected, with some genuinely funny moments and secondary characters, and although it's not as powerful as the title claims, it's still solid and a fun watch that isn't boring at any particular moment.


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