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Jim Hanks as Director
Erin Gray as Ethel Swift
Vicki Lewis as Vivienne
Kellie Martin as Jordan Grady
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Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10

What Happens in Vegas Gets in the Tabloids

Kellie Martin goes to Vegas for her bachelorette party. She gets drunk and married to Ethan Erickson, movie star. Before they can get the marriage annulled, the tabloids and Erickson's agent begin to take her life apart.

It's a fairly typical Hallmark TV movie, improved a bit by good performances. Ms. Martin's role is the usual serious business woman and Mr. Erickson the typical good-natured drifter who allows his agent to push him around long enough to keep the plot going. However, they are both willing to step up the performances a bit to make them amusing.

I do have one complaint: whoever did the score for this movie did it in a perky mood, so anxious to call attention to the fact that, yes, this is funny, that it intrudes.

Reviewed by FilmPolice 9 / 10

Fun Movie

I enjoyed this movie... I remember Kellie Martin as a teenager on "Life Goes On" back in the late 80s -- nice to see she made a successful transition from child actress to adult actress. And despite what another review on this board says, she's actually younger than Ethan Erickson... and I think she looks great! The movie takes off right away with Jordan (Kellie Martin) and her friends heading to Vegas for her bachelorette party, and keeps your interest throughout the rest of the story. It was also nice to see Bess Armstrong (an actress I've always liked, but I've always been surprised at how little I see her) and Erin Gray (who I have liked since she was "Silver Spoons" in the 80s).

Reviewed by tkell31 3 / 10

No chemistry

Horrible pairing ruins this rom-com attempt. Right from the first reveal where we see the newly married couple I could never get past the thought they would never have gotten married. I'm sure Kellie Martin is an attractive lady, but she never looked better than haggard in this movie and considering she married a movie star that just doesn't play well. Funny, Erickson is two years older than Martin, but looks about 10 years younger in the movie. Tossing aside the lack of chemistry the movie was pretty flat with very few humorous or cute parts that didn't feel completely forced. The movie sticks to the formula so it's pretty obvious how everything will turn out and I guess that appeals to people, but this isn't a very clever or entertaining ride.

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