I Remember You


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 486

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Joanne Baron as Katie
Joe Egender as Samuel
Steve Wilcox as Professor Williams
Stefanie Butler as Leah Evans

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanpgini 9 / 10

Great film, more Drama romance than Sci-Fi.

This was a real gem. It was obviously an independent Film Festival entry. Especially since the two actors would have been known. It revolves around a man and a woman who must navigate between what is real or imagined, and whether they have become mentally unbalanced, or whether it is something else. Its a little too drawn out. Otherwise, I'd give it a 10, instead of a 9. Its more romance than SciFi. But it still holds your attention. The science aspect shows that there is more unknowns than knowns out there, waiting for us to discover. And that one would be a fool, to disregard the unknown. These two great young actors hold it together. The contrast between the two characters, also emphasizes the strangeness of the plot. Thank God, that there is someone out there, that still sees room for movies like this. We need to see more out of this Producer and Writer.

Reviewed by ajrg-17-381639 7 / 10

The past interferes with the present

This is about two people who are highly functional, meet each other and fall apart. They and we want to know why. It has a satisfying ending do not worry. But it has an anti-science bent that irritates even me and does not need to be included. It is like over explaining something. This makes it trite since it is also bad science from someone who does not understand what they are talking about. But it is not the fault of the actors who are good. The director who is also the writer tries very hard to make a mystical atmosphere and does a good job. It is not a great movie but it is worth seeing. The premise that we have met people before whom we know from a past life is intriguing enough and well done.

Reviewed by j-bush-642-903619 8 / 10

Good movie for it's type

This is a romance about two people connecting over a past life. Acting was good and stress and conflict believable and rational. No bad guys or sex. If this is not your cup of tea you will not like it but a very nice movie with a fantasy premise which the two characters struggle to resolve.

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