I Saw What You Did


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Pretty decent for a TV horror movie

A TV movie remake of the 1965 William Castle movie of the same name, this is a low-key and subtle film which makes a pleasing change from all the gory slashers and monster-of-the-week flicks which were doing the rounds at the time. The film is fairly slow-paced and set over the course of one fateful night, and benefits from realistically drawn characters and a highly effective score which adds to the tension. In particular, Robert Carradine's killer is not just a clear-cut unstoppable evil type, instead he's portrayed as a flawed man with a psychological defect, so the crimes he commits are not really his fault after all.

The biggest flaw with I SAW WHAT YOU DID is the contrived plot, which is over complicated where it should be straightforward. This is especially true in the set-up, in which Kim and Lisa visit Adrian's house, thinking that he might be a prospective boyfriend, and Kim just happens to leave her handbag there so he can follow her to her home. I'll bet the original Castle film wasn't this unbelievable. The horror isn't graphic and the film is bloodless with the exception of a couple of supernatural "visions" that Carradine has which are shoe-horned into the plot to bolster the horror content, and consist of a woman in bad zombie makeup and that clichéd shot of hands pushing out from the inside of a wall.

Taking the lead role of the teenage victim is Shawnee Smith, who is saddled with an unappealing character and is frankly poor - and was much better in THE BLOB. At least her friend Lisa - played by Tammy Lauren (WISHMASTER) - has spirit and is a more interesting character. Robert Carradine is effective as the multi-layered villain (and arsonist, giving a fun angle to the action) of the piece whilst his brother David is on hand to lend a touch of class to the proceedings as a minor investigative character. The suitably fiery climax also provides a fitting ending to the film's diluted horrors, and then there's another twist that I didn't see coming to finish off..

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

Think of this as Romy and Michelle's big prank.

Okay so Shawnee Smith and Tammy Lauren (along with the much younger Candace Cameron Bure) aren't exactly playing the wacky duo who "invented" post-its, but their characters are nearly the same, dizzy yet likeable, making prank calls on struggling composer Robert Carradine. He has just killed the girlfriend trying to break up with him, so they pick the wrong time to prank him. He's spotted trying to bury her so his tension is very noticeable when they keep calling him up. He is also dealing with an older brother who is trying to worm out a place to stay, and they deal not only with Smith's annoying little sister, but "mango man", a spooky looking neighbor who sells fruit door to door. David Carradine joins his brother here as the opportunistic older brother, but I think he would have been better cast as "mango man".

A much better version of the story than the 1965 original, this basically cut out the Joan Crawford character from the original, so the camp element is missing, but in this case, that's a good thing. Smith and Lauren are much better than the two girls from the original, playing an immature joke which puts them in jeopardy. Robert Carradine, as far from "Revenge of the Nerds" as he can possibly be, rather dour as a character but quietly sinister which is a subtle way of making the character much more dangerous. By changing much of the plot and the way it is developed, this becomes a much more traditional thriller, moving at a very fast pace and never lacking in the tension. I wasn't expecting much having disliked the original so I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed it. No award winner, it's a pleasant and intense time filler that puts a different swing on a story that has been redone in many different ways.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

The 80's called. They want their vibe back

I assumed this was an 80's remake of the modest William Castle sleeper with the same title that came out in 1965, but apparently both movies are just based on one and the same novel by Ursula Curtiss. So, "I Saw What You Did" isn't really a remake, but merely a re-imagining. Or simply another version, if you wish. It's a fun little movie with a very simplistic but effective plot, fresh young actresses' faces and the two coolest Carradine brothers starring as actual brothers. There are some big differences between this version and the aforementioned William Castle film, but the most rudimentary plot concept naturally remained the same. Two teenage girls, whilst babysitting the younger sister of one of them, are bored senseless and decide to entertain themselves by making prank calls to randomly selected names in the phone book. They arrive at the name Adrian Lancer, but he just killed his girlfriend because she didn't want to marry him. When the girls stupidly make up a prank like "I saw what you did and I know who you are", Adrian naturally assumes that somebody witnessed the murder and goes even further out of his mind. Meanwhile the girls stupidly begin to fantasize about Adrian's voice and bizarre music and can't resist driving over to his house to catch a glimpse… "I Saw What You Did" is fun and charming, but also unmemorable, mainly because there's very few action. I personally prefer the Castle version, because there John Ireland depicts the psychopath and there's a terrific sub plot involving the creepy Joan Crawford as his sickly amorous neighbor. In this film, that particular sub plot gets replaced by Adrian Lancer's brother showing up to help keeping his violent tendencies under control. The film is competently directed by Fred Walton. That guy must really like telephone-terror, as he also made the more or less genre classic "When a Stranger Calls". I guess the absolute best thing about watching "I Saw What You Did" now is how it catapults you straight back to the glorious eighties! The girls (Shawnee Smith and Tammy Lauren) are genuine 80's beauties, with typical dress code and hair styles, and back then it was still possible to make a horror movie about ordinary old-fashioned telephones instead of gadgets like mobile phones, Skype, Caller-ID or IPods.

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