I Want You

2012 [SPANISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 14350

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Clara Lago as Gin
Laia Costa as Chica Serpiente
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Romantic drama plenty of emotion , thrills , fights and a triangular love story

Mario Casas leads the cast of this sequel of ¨Three Meters Above The Sky¨ the story of two young people who belong to different worlds ; this one starts with the return of the misfit , impulsive , unconscious young man H (Mario Casas) , to his hometown where meets his mother (Carme Elias) and reconnecting with the past means struggle and also a new love (Clara Lago) who reluctant at first but finally falls in love for him . Meanwhile , ¨H¨ gets mixed up with some tough as well as bad guys and is embodied in endless fights and illegal motorbike races , the limit of common sense . Later on , ¨Hache¨ meets again Babi (Maria Valverde) , the girl from upper-middle class that was educated in goodness and innocence .

Sensitive as well as romantic drama is loaded with an enjoyable triangular love story , twisted situations and with a distinctly Spanish idiosyncrasy . It is the chronicle of a love improbable , almost impossible between two maladjusted young people : Mario Casas and Clara Lago but inevitable dragging in a frantic journey in which he discovers again his first great love : Maria Valverde . Although is full of predictability and cliché-ness the film results out to be pretty entertaining . It turns out to be pleasantly fun that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure escapism in which entertainment and thrilling happenings are guaranteed .

Passable acting by Mario Casas as Hache , a rebellious boy who has an appetite for risk and danger , a ¨rebel without a cause¨ , in James Dean'style . This is Mario Casas's most important screen appearance in screen and pretty well Clara Lago as the beautiful dancer Gin . And agreeable and charming Maria Valverde as the innocent Babi . As shown in the film, H and Babi develop a relationship , well, the two actors developed a relationship of their own in 2010 , though it is known that the two broke up in September of 2014 . Ample support cast formed by newcomers who would have an acceptable and uneven career , such as : Ferran Vilajosana , Diego Martín , Nerea Camacho , Alvaro Cervantes of ¨Carlos I¨ series and Carlos Francino of ¨Victor Ros¨ series . Colorful and glimmer cinematography by Xavi Gimenez . Atmospheric and moving musical score by Manel Santisteban . And the advertisement including Christina Aguilera who looks amazing on the set for her music video for 'Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti' with Alejandro Fernández .

Being based on Federico Moccia bestseller book . Federico is a Best-seller writer and director , known for¨ Amore 14¨ , ¨Scusa Ma Ti Voglio Sposare¨ , ¨Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo¨ (2004) or ¨Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo¨ (2010) and its sequel , ¨Tengo Ganas De Ti¨ (2012) . He also wrote several scripts as ¨Palla Al Centro¨ , ¨Ho Voglia Di Te¨ , ¨Classe Mista 3A¨ and ! Cannibal holocaust 2 ¡ . ¨Perdona Si Te Llamo Amor¨ . The motion picture was professionally directed by the Spanish filmmaker Fernando González Molina ("Three Steps Above Heaven") . He went on directing successes as the $13.5 million period drama "Palm Trees in the Snow" also with Mario Casas .

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10


It's really a shame that any romantic drama gets put in the "soap" corner. You can put the cliché tag on almost everything obviously, but when it is shown with actors playing convincing characters as in this one, you should be able to differentiate. I haven't seen the "prequel" either, but the movie still makes sense and is nicely told. And as said, the actors are really good.

You should be aware, than different from US movies with a romantic touch (well most of them obviously, not all of them), you do get to see people having sex in this. Not explicit, but there are naked body parts that you will be exposed to. Why? Because it tries to keep it real and not give you just a romantic version of something that does not exist. Can you handle that?

Reviewed by InakiArias 5 / 10

Better than "a tres metros sobre el cielo" but...

If the first movie was an awful "rebel without cause" movie, what can you do if the main character is no longer a rebel? This is a redemption film and, to be honest, that kind of stuff gives the chance to introduce a lot of dramatic and cry making content. But this film has a problem that shares with the first movie, and it's that when the film tries to be serious is when it absolutely fails. Not the plot, neither the characters or the story itself have the capacity to make the spectator anything more than a laugh (you will find out yourself doing more than one face palm with some of the scenes of this movies).

The main character starred by Mario Casas is better in this film than in the first one. He has growed up and his personality is deeper. Mario isn't a superb actor, but he has charisma and he tries his best in order to show different sensations and the result is better than I expected.

Continuing with the girls, Clara Lago, a Spanish revelation who can be seen in a lot of movies in this last years has a great chance to show her acting skills with her character, Gin, but, I'm sorry, she doesn't make the cut. She isn't convincing in the most dramatic scenes, and, this is my opinion, she isn't as cute as some people is trying to convince us. Her character isn't believable at all. The other female main character, Babi, starred by Spanish star Maria Valverde is just, OK, average, well done. Maria makes a plain performance, with the automatic pilot enabled, but she's such a star that even without making an effort steals your attention.

In conclusion, this film is OK if you are only trying to watch a Barely entertaining film in which you can find a bit of romance, fight, friendship, adventure... but don't expect anything more. I should recommend it to every Spanish teenager girl who love Mario Casas and still dream with the bad-ass guy that can be changed with their love.

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