Ice Guardians


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

I've got the power

While I never got very into Ice Hockey, there was a time I played NHL as a video game. And while many may only recognize Wayne Gretzky, if you are into the sport you will know other names too (like Chelios and so forth). For people who have seen the movie Goon, there is not "Stifler" but Jay Baruchel to give his 5 cents. Sometimes he may seem unreasonable, but overall it is just another voice added and you can decide what you make of it.

It's also a nice touch, that people on the street are being asked things that concern the NHL. A very refreshing documentary with a great structure. So even if you not that into the hockey game, you will find something to grab your attention and keep the suspension high. It really is good and it will touch a nerve with you if your heart is not made out of stone

Reviewed by jellopuke 8 / 10

Solid look at hockey

Tries to be fair and balanced for the most part, although those that don't like fighting or enforcers are portrayed as out of touch and elitist, this is more about showing all facets of the characters that play and talking about their role. Solid movie if you're a hockey can, not sure if it would make one out of a non-fan though.

Reviewed by maccas-56367 7 / 10

Solid enough hockey doco; though "The Last Gladiators" does it better

This seemed to be propelled along with the adrenaline of the fights featured in the documentary. It gave a really great overview of the enforcer role and the place of hockey fights in the sport; right from their origins to their present day decline.

I'm someone who only recently developed a love for the sport during my time living in Canada. One of the first things I found appealing and unique to hockey were the fights. How the entire game would stop as the fighters took center stage was something I found incredibly fascinating and entertaining!

'Ice Guardians' definitely gave me the hockey-fight-fix I'd been craving lately. As a documentary, I preferred "The Last Gladiators" though, which also features the role of hockey enforcer, perhaps from a more classic era. This one seemed to have a big focus on "modern day" enforcers/fighters, with not every 'segment' being as appealing as the other. The different segments seemed a little disjointed at times, interrupting the flow the film. It was also a bit overlong.

Parts of the documentary I found the most interesting were the unspoken "etiquette" of the fights ("Hey, if I don't fight you, I might get dropped for the next game." "Sure, okay, I'll help you out.") and the players' emotions when seriously hurting opponents. The concussion element was also intriguing, with 95% of hockey concussions coming from play and not fights themselves. It's that statistic that will stay with me and hopefully prove that hockey fights are here to stay!

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