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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9 / 10

Oh, Woe Is Moe!

This was the film in which we first see Moe on trial for trying to murder Curly and Larry. The rest of the film, except for the ending, is a flashback and what led to Moe losing control and trying to murder his buddies.

It's fairly famous for that, and for the scenes with a bear out in the woods, who licks honey from Moe's glass and eventually drives away in their car while signaling for a left turn!! Who can ever forget that? No matter how many times I view those scenes, I laugh out loud. Those bear scenes are true Three Stooges classic moments.

This is one of the top 20 short films, in my opinion, of all time regarding The Three Stooges. It's full of classic slapstick scenes.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

"I'm a sick man, a very sick man"

Idiots Deluxe has the 3 Stooges coming apart as it were. Larry and Curly have finally brought charges against Moe for assaulting them. As this short subject opens Moe is taking the witness stand and telling his story in flashback to Stooge regular Vernon Dent playing the judge.

This judge hears how Moe has put up with all kinds of stupidity over the years and certainly recorded in many short subjects. It would be enough to drive anyone over the edge and the doctors tell Moe his nerves are shot and he needs peace and quiet. So why Moe would go on a vacation with the source of his anxiety is to me reason enough to question his sanity.

So at a nice cabin in the woods, Larry and Curly together with a bear drive Moe to commit more than the usual amount of mayhem upon their persons.

Very funny short, all Stooge fans should see this.

Reviewed by Raine-8 10 / 10

The Stooges at their funniest!

This is easily one of the BEST Stooges shorts ever. The premise: Curly and Larry take Moe on a hunting vacation for his nerves but a wandering bear makes things difficult for them. It is unique in that it moves at a slower pace than many of their other films (at least, from my POV) but it's still quite hilarious! Some of their best gags come from this little gem such as Curly and Larry performing as the "Original 2-Man Quartet" (with an out-of-control trombone slide), the boys trying to seal a menacing bear inside a cave by blocking the entrance with rocks (inevitably leading to both Moe and the bear being knocked cold by decidedly misthrown boulders), and Curly asking Larry if hunting is allowed. Larry replies, "Sure. I just saw a sign: Fine for Hunting" (a great verbal gag). This short also shows some of Moe's best acting abilities. One practically sympathizes with him as he unsuccessfully tries to soothe his "jangled nerves". I highly recommend this to any Stooges fan. Give it a try; you'll not be sorry you did. And watch out for that car driving bear!

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