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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eladale-90211 10 / 10

An unexpected celebration of being alive.

This is the most powerful, uplifting, wonderful documentary I have seen in....well, maybe ever. It touched so many warm places in my soul that I can't even begin to relate them all.

Carl Reiner hosts celebrities who give us deeply personal glimpses into their thoughts at the age of 90 and beyond. Rather than being a showcase of past glory and faded memories by icons you might remember, this film is a celebration of all that has brought these people to this age and taught them how to live well and thrive. You might think that being celebrities with wealth and fame, their kind of happiness would be foreign to common folks like us. But as we visit with each celebrity, the common denominator of their humanity sweeps away the star stuff. They make it very clear we all face the same mortality, suffer the same losses, and find our joy in life through the same simple values. When you have lived to 90 and beyond, you have nothing more to prove. Live well and abide by the simple wisdom of just being yourself, giving, loving, and having purpose in your life.

In a world that seems to be increasingly marked by milestones of tragedy and loss, this documentary serves as a joyous reminder of what is really important in life. It has impacted me deeply, at age 60. And my 90 year old mother in law was just as moved when she saw it. She has asked to watch it again.

If I could, I would personally thank every one who was interviewed for this film for giving so much of themselves. Those who filmed, edited, and created the vessel to convey these messages did an outstanding job. This was beautiful, entertaining, and thought provoking in a way that makes you just want to burst with happiness. It was a truly unexpected gift. Thank you.

Reviewed by taita 8 / 10

Charming and uplifting

As someone skidding across the stage of life towards old age I found this feature truly heartening and uplifting. While the subjects featured were well heeled and in predominantly good health the reason they were comfortably off is because for their whole lives they have gone out and just done it. They didn't sit back and wait for things to fall in their lap, they have worked hard for their success and that zest and drive is still very much in evidence today. My particular favourite was the 100 year old lady who took up running in her 80's This is a documentary that gives hope and not a little incentive to get up and get going.

Reviewed by jnic-02850 10 / 10

Amazingly Inspirational & Powerful

I'm in my mid-forties and found this documentary amazingly inspirational and powerful. First off, I love Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke, Betty White, Ida Keeling, etc. BUT, to have had the privilege to listen to the outlooks of truly prolific people in this world who are thriving in their 90's and even 100's has given me pause and makes me think...

How do I set myself up to live an actively vivacious life well into my 90's and beyond? How do I engender a voice that is worth listening to as I continue to age? How do I remain relevant, healthy, funny, and able to have a great time? This culture can look to others who relish those of great age and celebrate them as heroes of the ages who have a wealth of knowledge and perspective to share.

Thank you all for your wisdom, and your guidance on how to live a great long life!

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