Ihme joella

2015 [SWEDISH]


IMDb Rating 5 10 177

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Rolf Lassgård as Bjarne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by micke-bystrom 4 / 10

No need to see this one.

Despite passing performances by Rolf Lassgård as Bjarne and Lia Boysen as Malin, which in both cases probably is to be expected, this simple story doesn't give much room for deeper explorations of the characters. The story is told and that's that. The rest of the actors also put in OK efforts. Nothing really moved me, though there wasn't anything particularly embarrassing or really badly performed, as quite a few Swedish films these days can bring with them.

The story can possibly be seen as an allegory of Swedish Christianity and some people may like that even if that particular subject is not explored very much. If this or a simple Swedish story of little significance can't be of interest, then this movie is not something one has to see. I wish I hadn't wasted the time.

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