I'm Fine (Thanks for Asking)


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ks-60500 5 / 10

I'm poor but I have principle

For an indie, this is really good. It's a story about a homeless unfortunate woman with a daughter fight for their living. Poverty didn't change her attitude and she keeps fight for it. Just hard to imagine and I show full respect on her character.

Reviewed by howardroark2 9 / 10

Depicts The Harsh Conditions of Life

For many out there who have a comfortable life with decent income for their living expenses, this movie might come off as a shocking. In fact I think they may even be bored by the simplicity of this woman's life. But, what the main character goes through in this movie is the most realistic to life I have seen so far. It reminds me of Charles Dickens' novels where the main theme is: harsh and cruel life due to poverty. Watching this movie made me feel sorry for the woman and wished to help. Without a decent job that pays at least a minimum wage, life pretty much stuck and the truth is no one will help, not even the people you consider to be your friends because they are busy chasing after their own life and goals. Just like the main character, every person has to figure out about his or her own survival on oneself.

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