Images in a Convent

1979 [ITALIAN]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 811

Keywords:   exorcism, satan

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

Mr D'Amato making full use of his convent setting.....

This is a well shot, good looking erotic outing from Mr D'Amato making full use of his convent setting and realistic looking nun costumerie. There is a good old mix here of sex action, mainly but not exclusively girl on girl. Pretty explicit and suddenly, surprisingly hardcore for, of all things, the double rape in the woods. A story of sorts but this is really much as you would expect from nunsploitation but with just a bit more style and variation than usual. Slows just a tiny bit when the wizened little 'man of God' turns up to exorcise the place but we are soon storming to a super finale as the poor man walks the corridors splashing his holy water whilst the girls are inside their rooms making their own little splashes. In fact so carried away do they get that they are soon chasing after the little chap in various stages of undress eager to get him stripped off, God or no God!

Reviewed by The_Void 8 / 10

So, this is what goes on behind convent walls...

The jury is still out as far as nunsploitation and I are concerned; it's not that I don't appreciate sleaze in movies, just that the idea of a load of God-fearing women living behind convent walls doesn't really appeal to me all that much. It's lucky, then, that cult cinema God Joe D'Amato is on hand to spice this theme up a little, with a load of nymphomaniac 'nuns' getting up to all-sorts with each other and any man that that happens to stop by. It's obvious that D'Amato was far more interested in making a porn movie than a film about nuns and their beliefs, and this shines through as the focus is always on the sexual antics, and any whisper of a plot line exists only to string more sex scenes together. There is a plot, however, and it follows a convent full of nuns. After taking in a wounded man against all the convent rules, the nuns soon find themselves making this man the focus of all their desires. However, he has also brought with him the devil (in the form of a statue), and this leads the local priest to visit the convent in order to expel the demon, only he ends up featuring in the nuns' desires also...

At first, I didn't think this movie was going to work as a porn film because the first couple of sex scenes are far too rigid and it seems like the actresses are just doing what they're told. However, D'Amato soon bucks this trend with a plethora of tender and perverted scenes that feature some of the most buxom nuns I've ever seen! D'Amato makes great use of his actresses' bodies, and this is a big bonus for the film; as it's much more full on than a lot of the nunsploitation sleaze. Despite the fact that this is a low quality sleaze movie, the production values are really good! The picture is crystal clear, and most of the acting is passable even when they've got their clothes on. The soundtrack courtesy of Nico Fidenco is infectious, and helps to make the overall film more erotic. This film is also bound to appeal to anyone that loves sleazy trash movies, as D'Amato is happy to go a little further than just showing your basic sex scenes, and the film also features lesbians, rape and wooden dildo's... Overall, Images in a Convent is a surprisingly good slice of nunsploitation and comes highly recommended to fans of this type of movie.

Reviewed by EVOL666 8 / 10

The Sleaziest Of The Nunsploit Joints That I've Seen So Far...

Yes friends, D'Amato does it again with another sleaze film that is sure to burrow it's way into all TRUE trash lovers hearts...IMAGES IN A CONVENT is that rare kinda film that D'Amato is sooooo good at. A good mix of atmosphere and filth that works well on both levels. I found the story a little convoluted, but here goes:

A girl is brought into a convent against her will to keep her Uncle from abducting her. Around the same time a wounded male traveler is allowed to stay in the convent to recuperate from his wounds. He tries to bone everyone in sight. There's a Pan-like statue that means something - maybe it's the Devil, maybe it's not. The nuns all touch each other inappropriately. A head nun is sent to fetch a Father to expel the Devil and is raped along the way. The Father comes to the convent anyway because he "felt" that he was needed and all the nuns try to screw him...The End.

Honestly, I couldn't really make heads or tails of the storyline, but there is enough tits, ass, and 70's puss-fros to not really care what the hell is going on plot-wise. The dual assault on the traveling nun is suitably sleazy as she's subjected to some graphic forced fellatio. The nuns all going' buck at the end is cool as one of 'em is ravaged with a wooden dildo. I don't know if this film had any real "point" - but it sure delivered some "goods". Not as "well-done" as some of the other nunsploit films, and doesn't quite beat out my favorite, SCHOOL OF THE HOLY BEAST...but it comes close if for nothing else than pure sleaziness. I love you Joe D'Amato...8/10

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