Impossible to Imagine


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 8.5 10 22

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Reviewed by jcairns-468-29228 10 / 10

Unique, Compelling and Insightful

Just finished watching this wonderful film and feel a need to share my thoughts right away.

First off, as I was watching the initial half hour or so , it reminded me of a great BBC series called A YEAR IN PROVENCE because, in a similar fashion, it captured the quotidian life of a small kimono shop owner in Kyoto in a purely entertaining way. In this case though, the main character isn't a fish out of water, but the film took the very challenging approach of revealing the complexities of her life through the interaction with an "outsider".

Not going to say any spoilers but by the end of the film I felt I could understand more deeply several characters' points of view that I wouldn't really have understood before. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't know much about the film going in because these aren't the type of characters I'd normally find sympathetic at all. Yet the film, skillfully and subtly, led me down a new path and by the end I felt I missed the characters and their world and sympathized with their choices, strengths and vulnerabilities.

Reviewed by bujinkan_2001 10 / 10

Great Film!

Some great, touching scenes. And very profound stuff about national identity. Also, wonderful casting and music!

Reviewed by sean-bell-1 10 / 10

Wonderful Nuanced Debut

What a wonderful, nuanced debut. This is a romantic story handled with a delicacy and sweetness befitting of the characters. Long, charming scenes walking through the streets of Kyoto are reminiscent of the Before Sunrise Trilogy.

Great performances and the charming architecture and scenery you'd expect from this picturesque region. Some of the cultural themes around mixed race, foreigners and their attitudes were fascinating to me as a westerner.

Recommended for fans of meandering romance.

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