In Dreams


Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 12317

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Annette Bening as Claire Cooper
Margo Martindale as Nurse Floyd
Aidan Quinn as Paul Cooper
Dennis Boutsikaris as Doctor Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mike_23wilhelm 6 / 10

Great first half, formulaic, ordinary second half

The first hour or so of this movie is great. It is interesting, good-viewing and imaginative.

It's a pity that after the hour mark the film looses so much effectiveness as it becomes ordinary and predictable. It's a shame that a little of the imagination shown in the first part of the film was not evident towards the end.

The film is 8/10 for the first hour, 5/10 for the rest. I feel it deserves 6/10 in total.

Reviewed by Doc-134 8 / 10

APPLES are a key representation!!!

Apples, Apples, Apples, that's what everyone keeps saying about this film. Perhaps it was a little overdone, but did anyone ever stop to think that the apples were representative of Clair's fear. The apple, the most innocent of all things, a fruit, as the repository of one's own nightmares and fears is creepy enough in itself. Many regard the scene where Clair is frantically throwing apples from a pile on the cupboard into the garburator of the sink as funny. I didn't I was well enough into the film, that the moment actually felt creepy. Jordan's vicious left/right pans of the camera reinforced her feeling of panic or anxiety around the apples.

To mention a couple of the other good points about "In Dreams", there were a couple of ingenious cross cutting scenes created. The first is a cross cut sequence involving Clair who is now in the mental hospital and her husband who goes to the motel that she dreamed about to find the dog. Another wonderful cross-cut sequence involves the escape from the institution. In her dreams, Clair follows Vivian (who had spent time in the exact same room as Clair) out of the institution, and there is much cross-cutting between the past and the present. Much suspense was built in the production of this scene. I don't want to give away any of the ending, but trust me, it scared me lifeless. This is definitely not Neil Jordan's best work, certainly "The Crying Game" is his masterpiece, but nevertheless, this is an original horror suspense film that delivers a punch!

Reviewed by hu675 8 / 10

Strange, Unusual, Adult Horror Film.

Claire Cooper (Annette Bening) is been having nightmares that haunts her. When Claire's Daughter (Katie Sagona) is been murdered by a mysterious Serial Killer (Robert Downey Jr.). Then Claire finds herself predicting the future, when she shares her dreams with the Serial Killer. Unable to convince the lead detective (Paul Guilfoyle), her doctor (Stephen Rea) and even her husband (Aidan Quinn). Claire has to confront the killer alone before her another terrifying dreams becomes real.

Directed by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, In the Company of Wolves, Interview with the Vampire) made a fascinating adult horror thriller. The film was a Box Office disappointment back in 1999. The film receive mixed reviews but what makes the film works is Bening's terrific performance. The Production Values are strong, especially music score by Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3) and Cinematography by Darius Khondji, A.F.C. (Se7en). The film has a few problems like Robert Downey Jr. as the Serial Killer is oddly cast and he brings laughs to the film, when the film is supposed to be scary. The film also has a weak third act. But the film is saved by Bening's role, film's music, cinematography and Jordan's direction.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer and an superb-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD doesn't have much features, it only has the basic like Production Notes, Cast & Filmmakers Bios and the Theatrical Trailer. This is a truly underrated film with some genuine moments. While the film is unpleasant but that what makes a good horror film. The film features a Cult Following. This is worth a look, this could have been a masterpiece for Jordan's film-making. If it wasn't for the third act, this film really could hit a bull's eye. Based upon a Novel, titled "Doll's Eyes" by Bari Wood. Which Wood also wrote the novel "Twins" that become a film titled "David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers". Screenplay by Bruce Robinson (The Killing Fields, Jennifer 8, Return to Paradise). (****/*****).

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