In His Steps



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Kicked to the curb

In His Steps is another Christian film started out with good intentions about trying to live as Jesus actually lived. But an amateurish production and an amateurish cast really bog this one down. The acting is on the level of the high school drama club.

A homeless guy who is looking for work gets kicked to the curb by a few people when he's looking for work. At church service he interrupts the pastor and challenges people to live their lives by what they hear and not just save the nostrums for Sunday service. Many try to do just that.

Two things this film doesn't deal with at all. Many of the homeless are mentally ill and that's been so since the 70s when mental health services began to be cut. Not a word mentioned here. Secondly a great many of us more and more also since the 70s live paycheck to paycheck. Many too many live our lives that way and this film never questions the basic assumptions of why our society is that way.

This one is strictly for church folks and their insular world.

Reviewed by archied 3 / 10

The bar must be raised.

While I cannot disagree with other reviewers that the acting and the script of this production leave a lot to be desired, the intentions are commendable in calling attention to the fact that way too many supposedly Christian churches neither effectively preach nor put into practice the lessons from the Bible. One reviewer is obviously hostile to anything Christian so this movie presented an easy target for the vitriolic opinions of which one is entitled. It is sadly true that it has long been the case that faith-based movies so often just simply do not rival secular films in most any category of comparison. Part of that is likely due to money and budgeting - this one costing a mere $22,000, according to this website, apparently a mostly volunteer cast and staff. Even if money is available, many actors will avoid such films due to adverse association and rejection by their professional peers. To be sure, there are also secular productions that are equally as amateurish but represent a small percentage of the total. Producers of Christian-themed films are going to have to raise the bar in order to project their work to those beyond the "choir."

Reviewed by girlshopsalone 8 / 10

Disregard the Atheist' view, this had a great message.

Although this was a low-budget movie, the message was great! This is how we all need to live. I wish Hollywood made movies like this.

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