In the Basement

2014 [GERMAN]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2654

Keywords:   basement, austria, cellar

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Abysses of the human soul

"Im Keller" or "In the Basement" is the newest film by acclaimed Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl and as almost always it is a collaboration with his wife Veronika Franz again. For Seidl, it is a bit of a return back to his roots as he made many documentaries in the early years of his career. Very recently, he got lots of recognition for his work on the "Paradise" trilogy that I enjoyed a lot as well. Certainly one of the finest trilogies of the 21st century so far. That's also why it makes me a bit sad I could not appreciate his 80 minute film here as much. It gives us an insight what people store and do in their basements, not your average Joe mostly, but somewhat different people with (not so) hidden secrets. Of course, you never know how much is authentic and how much is scripted, but I give them the benefit of the doubt here.

I thought the first 55-60 minutes were really decent to watch. It was all kinds of interesting people and secrets hidden in their cellars. I am talking about music instruments, about baby dolls, about Nazi memorabilia, about erotic toys and applications etc. Unfortunately, the last half hour of the film really focuses almost exclusively on the erotic aspect and I would have liked the same amount of variety as it was in here for all the time before that. No idea why Seidl focused so much on this topic at the end. These last 25 minutes are also the main reason why I rate this only a 2/5 and not a 3/5. Still to end this review on a positive note, I like Seidl's style as a documentarian. We do not hear him, we only hear the people interviewed and it gives it some raw atmosphere. Also it helps in not letting any judgment by the filmmaker interfere with your very personal judgment about what you hear and see in this film. Nonetheless, I cannot recommend it overall. Or just switch it off at the 60-minute mark.

Reviewed by Hellmant 5 / 10

It ruined my fantasy!

'IN THE BASEMENT': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

An Austrian documentary flick; about people, hanging out in their basements, and giving into very perverse obsessions (and demented fetishes). The movie was directed by Ulrich Seidl, and it was written by Seidl and Veronika Franz. I had a chance to see it at at the OSU International Film Festival (at the Darkside Cinema, in Corvallis, OR), but I missed it. I instead recently caught it on Netflix; and I almost wish I hadn't.

The film starts out somewhat normal; as it just follows odd people around, doing strange things in their basements. As it goes on, though, the documentary gets weirder and weirder. I wanted to stop watching it, several times, but persisted (so I could do this review). It's only 82 minutes long, but it seems a lot longer (and it's a very painful 82 minutes)!

The movie is one of those films, I really wish I could unwatch. It's one of the most disturbing experiences, I've ever had (watching a film of any kind); and I love movies! I also thought I liked domineering women (and femdom fantasy), but I realize (after watching this documentary), that the real thing is definitely not for me (maybe just in role-play). Which is another reason I wish I could 'unwatch' this movie; it ruined my fantasy for me (at least for the time being)! It's well made, and serves it's purpose 'very effectively' though; at being a completely 'F'd up' film!

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Reviewed by strong-122-478885 1 / 10

Strictly "Bottom-Of-The-Barrel" Entertainment

When it comes to "In The Basement" - If Austrian director, Ulrich Seidl was actually trying to prove to the viewer that his fellow citizens were, indeed, all a bunch of imbeciles, then, yes, he certainly achieved his desired goal, commendably.

I mean, had even one of these certified kooks been shown doing something inspiring, or interesting, or worth remembering down in their basements, then I wouldn't have formed such a negative perspective of Austrian people, as a whole, while watching this documentary.

But Seidl sure put these people in an unfavourable and dislikable light.

And, on top of that - I can't believe that these apparently "regular citizens" actually agreed to expose their stupid side to the general public, as they did..... Like, if their neighbours didn't already know about the nonsense that went on in these peoples' basements - Well - They certainly do now.

To be honest here - Since this wasn't a "hidden camera" production, and since these people knew that all this "odd" activity of theirs was being filmed - I think that, for the most part, all of this quirkiness was, in fact, pretty much staged for effect and overall shock-value.

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