In the Line of Duty III

1988 [CN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 9 / 10

Superb action from a top-notch film series

IN THE LINE OF DUTY III: FORCE OF THE DRAGON is the third of an excellent series of Hong Kong action films about female cops kicking backside in the city. The first two had Michelle Yeoh as lead actress, but for this instalment she was replaced by the great Cynthia Khan, who would stay on for the rest of the series. Khan is very much Yeoh's equal in the high-kicking action stakes, and she's a fine actress too.

FORCE OF THE DRAGON is a high point in a series packed full of them. In fact, the first four films of this series are simply great, and this one has more intense action scenes than in many a rival Hollywood flick from the time. Khan and her allies (including Hiroshi Fujioka as an imported Sonny Chiba-alike, complete with '70s hair do) go after a couple of Japanese jewel thieves who have nefarious plans to smuggle arms to Japan's Red Army.

It's pretty much wall to wall action here from beginning to end, and it's expertly choreographed by Brandy Yuen, one of Yuen Woo-ping's brothers. Although the action is near non-stop, none of it ever feels tiresome or repetitive, and instead it remains electrifying throughout. The fights are incredibly hard-hitting and the use of wirework to show characters being tossed around like rag dolls is very effective.

Fans of Hong Kong cinema will spot plenty of familiar faces here, including Melvin Wong and cameos from three of the LUCKY STARS performers, but best of the lot is Dick Wei in another villain performance. Wei is the most intense and violent I've seen him yet in the fighting stakes, leading to an incredible climax that has to be seen to be believed. Michiko Nishiwaki makes a real impact too in her toughest screen role.

Reviewed by gridoon 8 / 10

Hong Kong action at its absolute finest!

This is the first and only Cynthia Khan movie I have seen so far, and all I have to say is "WOW!". She is amazing - more flexible than rubber. If she ever got in a fight with Jackie Chan, he could conceivably beat her, but I wouldn't bet my money on it! Plus, she is MUCH cuter than Michelle Yeoh. And if she is not enough, there is an extra bonus for action-girl fans: one of the villains is a real tough bi*ch who definitely won't go down without a fight. But the men don't get short-changed, either: there is a Japanese cop and two male villains, and all three are VERY determined and VERY good at fighting - the cop and one of the bad guys engage in one of the most brutal, vicious fights that have ever been committed to film. The rest of the action scenes (car crashes, explosions, shootouts) are also supreme. The film never stops to take a breath - there is little of the comedy that usually bogs down Hong Kong productions (there ARE cameos by some of the "Lucky Stars", but they only last a few seconds). As a result, there is more room for action, action and more action. And if action is what you want, "In The Line Of Duty 3" is as good as it gets. (***1/2)

Reviewed by The-Sarkologist 6 / 10

Third of the In The Line of Duty Movies

This is a series of Hong Kong action movies staring Cynthia Khan, a fairly famous Hong Kong actress. As with many Hong Kong movies, it is not the plot or the theme that matters, but rather the action. This is a typical movie, except the leading character is a woman, and this makes things interesting. The woman is promoted to the detective department and her uncle, who is also her guardian, runs it. As such he decides to keep her safe, even though it has been shown that she can seriously handle herself in dangerous situations.

The bad guys in this movie are three members of the Red Army from Japan. They make a deal with a Japanese jewellery king and rob one of his exhibitions. During the flight, the partner of a cop is killed, and he vowels vengeance. They flee to Hong Kong, but discover that the jewellery is fake, and vowel vengeance on the jewellery king. The cop also travels to Hong Kong to deal with these terrorist.

Once again, this seems to follow a theme of Hong Kong movies: the police are very friendly to each other, to the point of incompetence: all except for Cynthia Kahn, who simply wants to be on the team. In a nutshell, this is a fairly good movie - the action, martial arts and everything else is there, but it is quite standard. I still enjoyed it, but thought Naked Killer was a billion times better.

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