In the Name of God



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Eric Roberts as Wallace
Robyn Lively as Mrs. Lewis
John Ratzenberger as Reverend Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avocadess 2 / 10

Well-intentioned but painfully poor script

Although I'm a Christian and love to watch faith-based films, making myself watch this film all the way to the halfway mark was like pulling teeth. I kept hoping it would get better. I have liked Eric Roberts in every other movie I ever saw him in, but even he was not enjoyable to watch in this film.

I kept asking myself: Is it poor acting? For a while I thought it was that. But then when I paid more attention to the dialogue I became convinced that the problem was in the script. No matter how good actors are, they can't make a poorly written script flow.

This was written as if it were for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I might have been able to handle it if it were Barney or Bullwinkle or something, but this one just wouldn't float. Apologies to anyone whose feelings might be hurt by this review. I do respect what you were trying to accomplish, and I doubt I could do a better job than you, but got to be honest here. So painful to watch I just couldn't even finish the film.

Reviewed by cheyannesouthwick 4 / 10

Good message, bad acting

This movie had a great message that should be taught and not be ignored. However, the acting, speaking lines and soundtrack needed a little help. They weren't the best and because of that, it was a little distracting. The movie had a good idea and I enjoyed the message. If you're not a stickler for acting and just want an uplifting show, this would be good for you. The story follows a boy who has bounced around from foster home to foster home not really sticking anywhere. Because of that, he becomes bitter and looses respect for those around him. He finally gets sent to a family who takes him in and endures all of his hard qualities. The story follows his change and teaches a good message about respect and God along the way.

Reviewed by braddc-591-469585 7 / 10

Good heart, if not great script nor acting

The movie has a "good heart", but the writing was sometimes disjointed, and the acting occasionally stilted. Still a nice bit of good messaging in entertainment.

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