In the Name of the Father


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Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone
Al Pacino as Michael Corleone
Daniel Day-Lewis as Gerry Conlon
Emma Thompson as Gareth Peirce
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Reviewed by evelyn_illa 10 / 10

Some Reflections On My Country

(English is my second language, so please excuse my language problems:)

Yes, I cried when other prisoners threw lighted papers from the window; yes, Daniel-Day Lewis and Pete Postlethwaite were great actors; but other than that, what impressed me most was the complete change of attitudes of the public between the two trials. At first, audience in the court were yelling "hang these Irish bastards", they were throwing all their hatred to the Guildford Four, even the judge said "I wonder why you are not charged as treason". They were biased, cheated by the prosecutes who fabricated lies to cater to the public, because the loss of 5 lives needed someone to be responsible for. But after 15 years, when the truth was presented, the public went to parade, they plead the court to free the four, they wanted to right the wrong. They were becoming rational, they felt for the innocent, so they acted.

But this is not what happens here in China. The government is never transparent to the public, the media is censored so that cases like the Guildford 4 (especially if it is injustice) will never be known to the general public unless you are "in the business". Because the public is banning from first-hand information, people are unaware of government's wrongdoings; even if they are aware, there is almost nothing they can do (party monopoly, corruption all lead to this). So they kept silent, pretending nothing ever happened. I once read on a book, saying "silence is the most terrifying weapon". Today I have to admit this fact; but I want to say and plea to all my fellow citizens: pretending to be deaf doesn't mean that there is no voice in the society to be heard. They are merely sunk in the indifferent public. So please pay attention to politics, to events taking place in courts. Maybe someday we also will make cardboards with slogans on then and march in streets. Efforts from individuals could gather to really make change.

Reviewed by TOMASBBloodhound 8 / 10

Terrorism hurts everyone.

In watching this fine film, on idea kept running though my mind. That being terrorism often hurts the innocent much more than the declared enemy. In the Name of the Father is a powerful, well-acted drama about terrorism and injustice. And also the love one man feels for his father. Some of the events in this film are factual, and others are not. Despite some liberties taken with history, the film still makes a strong point, however.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Gerry Conlon, a young man falsely accused along with several other friends and family members, of bombing a London pub in 1974. The bombing, performed by the IRA, killed a few persons and wounded several others. Conlon and his friends just happen to be near by when the bombing takes place. Through police torture, Conlon and his best friend confess to the crime, thinking a trial will exonerate them. Trouble is, there had been so many recent bombings that the legal system in Britain was just crying out for a scapegoat. Conlon and four friends are given life sentences. Several members of Conlon's family are also given stiff jail sentences. Even his own father who seems to be the most righteous and kind person imaginable and who never set foot in England at all during the time of the bombing!

The film starts out like a shot from a cannon, as we see just how violent and chaotic Blefast was during the early seventies. Just living a normal life looked impossible. If the British troops weren't after you, then the IRA members were. The film also scores when we see Conlon head off to London to presumably make a better life for himself. He and a friend force themselves into a commune and enjoy a brief period of free love and decadence. The film gets very heavy once Conlon is arrested and tortured. And the last hour detailing his time behind bars is just plain somber. We watch his father just sort of waste away with him behind bars while an aggressive lawyer (Emma Thompson) fights to get them out. Pete Postletwaite is exceptional as Gerry's father, and seeing him grow sicker and weak is very difficult for the viewer.

The film tries to shift gears down the stretch and show how Conlon has become determined and more radicalized, but these scenes are nothing spectacular. Even the conclusion seems a little anti-climatic, but at least we see some justice finally get done. The acting is very, very good. Lewis is as good as ever, and nobody looks out of their league. There are some historical liberties taken. Gerry and his father never actually lived in the same cell, for instance. Overall, this film will stick with you, though.

In watching this film, one cannot help but feel for the victims of terrorism. I have personally not much knowledge of the conflict between the IRA and Britain, except to say that I'm well aware of how long and deep the scars run between the English and Irish peoples. That said, there is simply no excuse for terrorism. Look at how many victims that pub bombing created. Not only those who perished or were injured. That act of terror sent several innocent people to jail and ruined their lives! The British legal system is certainly to blame for sending the wrong people to jail, but would this have even happened if the IRA had not bombed that pub? A similar situation can be seen in the Middle East today. Radical Muslims look to strike out at Western interests, but their actions often hurt scores more other Muslims than any actual Western interests! Will we ever all learn to get along on this planet?

8 of 10 stars.

The Hound.

Reviewed by raoadi 8 / 10

superb movie and a brilliant performance from Daniel D Lewis

In the name of the father- a real life story of a man who was wrongly imprisoned for life with his father and family after the IRA Bombings in 1974. Daniel Day Lewis who plays the protagonist is excellent and gives a brilliant performance. the plot, screenplay and direction is top notch and keeps u engaged. there are some heart breaking moments. It also has some riveting court room sequences. This is a powerful it!

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