In the Shadow of Women

2015 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1412

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Life as it happens

Certainly nobody's perfect in the newest film by director Philippe Garrel. He also wrote the script together with 3 other people including Academy award winner Jean-Claude Carrière. For that collection of writers, it is a fairly short film, does not even reach the 75-minute mark. Needless to say it is French language from start to finish, so you may need subtitles, and it is also entirely shot in black-and-white. To me personally, this is an appealing feature. I like new films in black-and-white à la "The Artist". And with the French dialogs, the film certainly gets a touch of François Truffaut, for example his "Antoine et Colette". The narration helps a lot too. This part comes from actor Louis Garrel, son of the director.

I must say this film was definitely an interesting watch. There is nothing big happening at any point, but it's a realistic depiction of life, love and interactions between the characters. Who stays together, who breaks up? Occasionally, I was even tempted to give this film a ****/*****, not much was missing for such a rating. And even if I did not give it in the end, I still very much enjoyed the film. The writing and performances from the characters are all really really good and totally make sense. The female lead reminded me of a mix between Julie Delpy and Joely Richardson. Courau and Merhar prove why they have been very reliable for decades in the business and Paugam (stunning Rebecca Hall lookalike) shows that she will hopefully have a bright future ahead.

Like I said earlier, this film is a great watch for everybody who loves French black-and-white films like Truffaut's for example. But it is certainly also worth seeing for everybody who just likes good character studies or French films in general. As usual, I can only give the recommendation to watch this in the French original with subtitles perhaps and no dubbed version. The language adds a whole lot to the atmosphere of the films. I had a really good time watching this and if any of the above descriptions fits you, I am positive that you will also find this an enriching experience. Very much recommended and it made me curious about digging deeper into Garrel's impressive body of work. And finally a few words on the resistance fighter. My guess is that the director wanted to show us how we, the audience, are just as naive as the male protagonist when he says his wife would never cheat on him. We see the resistance fighter as some kind of saint the way he is depicted early on until we find out the ugly truth at the end. Trust nobody.

Reviewed by ayoreinf 7 / 10

In the shadow of Clotilde Courau

There's one reason to see this film - an amazing performance of Clotilde Courau. The rest of the film is paled in comparison. The story itself has nothing special to offer. Philippe Garrel's direction is very professional but offers very little character. His special requirement of single take for every scene seems to have inspired the extraordinary performance of Clotilde Courau, so he does deserve credit for it, but nothing else stands out here. And I did find his use of narration, point less and annoying. All other aspects of the film are professional too but falling out flat.

On the other hand, it's worth seeing if only for the superlative performance of Clotilde Courau, which I already mentioned.

One last point, has to do with the name of the movie. In French it's called L'ombre des Femmes, which translates simply as The Shadow of Women. It's a very small difference from In the Shadow of Women, but it's an unnacessary difference that shouldn't have been there.

Reviewed by Sheldonshells 1 / 10

Another (mucus) film that lauds itself for male bashing

Effusing from the bottom of a toilet reeks another braindead simplistic dichotomy of woman=good/man=bad gender feminist nonsense, which at this point is fast getting stale.

The male and female characters are simply poured into a pre-made mold and are scraped out without any trimming along the edges (though this movie and its lame characters have no edge whatsoever). The male protagonist is, of course, depicted as an insensitive and egotistical boar, while the female characters are, of course, (almost) flawless and infallible little angels, keeping with the now 30-some year long tradition in movies of presenting this mindnumbingly dumb, and destructive, false dichotomy. Apparently though, this dichotomy flies over the empty heads of the director, writers, and probably most of the (gracefully) few viewers of this movie. If the people who watched this actually knew better, they'd be insulted by this assault on their intelligence and dignity, especially male viewers but any female viewer too who dislikes mindlessly simplistic reductions of who she is as a woman, or maybe just maybe might have an ounce of respect for the men and boys in her life and what the culture is telling them (to hate themselves and regard women as better).

Ironic that a movie thinking it's fighting sexism and doing a good thing to, yet again, prioritize women over men and show the poor little ladies as both the victims and victors of the of big bad men, utterly and miserably fails to see its own sexism in presenting this peabrained sexist duelism of man=bad/woman=good. It also fails utterly and miserably in its own total lack of creative bravery, intelligence, and invention.

Truly great movies of the present and in the future will end this misandric outlook, and movies will not have to be either anti-woman or anti-man.

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