In Vitro

2019 [ARABIC]


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short film memory exile palestine ecological disaster

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Hiam Abbass as Dunia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samxxxul 8 / 10

Tense, Cerebral and Philosophically dense Sci-fi

Detached from typical Sci-fi genre patterns, the short film deals with human questions. The focus of the story is on being connected to the memory and on remembering. It is set in the bunker-like basement of an abandoned complex after an eco-disaster breaks out in the Biblical town of Bethlehem. The two scientists whose existence, which is primarily linked to memory, raises essential questions. In addition, there are the different approaches of the scientists to remembering and dealing with their own conflicts and memory of the Homeland, striving in order to be able to create a future. Yet throughout this lumbering claustrophobic infused psychological odyssey we are surprised to find the ideas constantly relevant to the characters, though they are not overly familiarized in this esoteric setting. The film editing is filled with a collage of brilliant imagery contrasted with orchards, atmospheric shots.

Overall, short film is more of an exploration of emotion and apathy. It is dreamy, minimalist science fiction and the power of this film is like a hypnotic score, it gives you room to explore your thoughts and still have time to stay current with the movements of the film with feeling of hopeless doom. Not for everyone but the viewer needs to interpret the fantastic imagery to make something of the plot. If you're familiar with Maya Deren, Jane Arden, Ayoub Qanir, Slavko Vorkapich, Ed Emshwiller, Takashi Ito, E. Elias Merhige, Peter Tscherkassky, David Lynch and Isidore Isou's experimental work, and appreciate it, it's a MUST SEE.

Reviewed by eelen-seth 8 / 10

Post-apocalyptic with a pinch of existential crisis

Larisa Sansour's short film, titled 'In Vitro', is staged in the town of Bethlehem decades after an eco-disaster. The dying founder of a subterranean orchard is engaged in a dialogue with her young successor, who is born underground and has never seen the town she's destined to replant and repopulate. Inherited trauma, exile and collective memory are central themes.

The streets of Bethlehem getting filled with a black oily substance, make for a great opening shot, what follows then is a split-screen conversation between two scientists, reminiscing on what used to be. Terrific cinematography go hand in hand with the well written screenplay, which discusses religion, science and natural disasters. Definitely worth checking out if you like post-apocalyptic content with a pinch of existential crisis.

Reviewed by forthemovies 6 / 10

In Vitro

After a catastrophic event that ruins Bethlehem, a woman reminiscences the past and history.

Directed by Soren Lind and Larissa Sansour, In Vitro is a post-apocalyptic Sci-fi short film with interesting cinematography and a tense story. Inside of a bunker, a scientist and her successor question each other on the repopulation and recreation of a now extinct Bethlehem. The two scientists reminiscence of what Bethleham was like before the eco-disaster and recall memories from their past. Past beliefs, history, rituals, morals and the repetition of imagery of Bethlehem are examined throughout the film.

The cinematography for the film was done well. The black and white filter gave the film a depressing tone/mood, a dark hopeless feel for the short film. The camera work was also interesting. The split screens showing a variety of angles during certain scenes gave a unique point of view for the viewer.

In Vitro was visually unique and had an interesting concept. A heavy thought-provoking short film that many might not have an interest in.

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