Inbetween Girl



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 66

Keywords:   coming of age

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csdhhhgd 10 / 10


This was honestly such a good movie! I really don't know why people don't like it, but it has such great representation. Emma Galbraith in particular really expressed her role as the lead really well. You can really feel the emotion that is going on and ugh, it's just amazing. The characters are well draw out and individual, each with his own personality. The Acting throughout is very good as well. Everyone did a wonderful job!!!

Reviewed by allenng-05762 8 / 10

Solid and Nuanced

An Asian lead who is allowed to be flawed, allowed to be fully human, and still deal with very real Chinese-American experiences. It feels good to see this type of character being able to have a social plot with their peers without just being a Chinese-American but just being human; it was the type of drama you could see the typical (white) American actor in but with more layers due to additionally being in between cultures. This is very clearly not Hollywood, but even then it doesn't feel like cutting this film slack by mentioning how stunning the camera work is and how genuine the script felt, even with the awkward moments feeling like actual teenage moments. All in all, it is a great coming-of-age film that truly fulfills its role as a form of our representation as fully fleshed-out humans!

Reviewed by molillian 10 / 10

Lovely Movie!

This was a brilliant movie - the acting prowess of the lead, played by Emma Galbraith, was especially notable. Angie is a profoundly nuanced character to me, and I think that Emma's portrayal of her was incredible. Her behaviour just felt so...realistic, if that makes any sense? She really just feels like another Asian girl trying to figure out life and sexuality, and as someone in that demographic, I related so much.

Moreover, the story, although not particularly grand, was incredibly compelling. I found it extremely easy to get invested in what was happening (also in part because of my attachment to the lead character). In a way, I felt as if the non-grandness of the story was exactly where its prowess lay - this is a wholly real story, and I love it.

I'm extremely disappointed to see the Asian meninists review-bombing this movie, especially since this movie was created by an Asian woman. It's important to have movies with Asian men leads, but just because this specific movie does not include one.

This film was an excellent exploration of biracial identity, coming of age, and budding romance.

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