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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nhngoc_1701 10 / 10

A one-of-a-kind mind-blowing masterpiece!

My 3rd time watching this movie! Yet, it still stunned my mind, kept me enjoyed its every moment and left me with many thoughts afterward.

For someone like me, who've rarely slept without dream, it's so exciting watching how Christopher Nolan had illustrated every single characteristic of dream on the big screen. As it's been done so sophisticatedly, I do believe the rumour that Nolan had spent 10 years to finish the script of Inception. In my opinion, it's been so far the greatest achievement in his brilliant writer-director career. I jumped into this conclusion after making a quick benchmark of Nolan's remarkable works:

  • Memento, as his first signature in the cinema history, is tremendous and has stayed the most mind-bending film I've ever seen. But overall, it doesn't reach the same level of Inception.
  • The Prestige is highly impressive but somehow I haven't been able to find the very particular "Nolan's spirit" in it.
  • The Batman Trilogy is the best superhero saga of all time and its peak The Dark Knight is no doubt a masterpiece as well. Nonetheless, every time we talk about it, Heath Ledger takes all the spotlights with his life-time-role: The (unique-and-only) Joker.
  • Then there came Inception where Nolan truly stood out, having every single detail of his work done in the finest way. The multi-layered storyline despite its complexity, remains consistent and originally interesting. From visual aspect, everything was masterly handled: an impeccable cross-cutting allowed the movie to follow Nolan's nonlinear story-telling without being scattered; a wonderful cinematography work completed with incredibly imaginative visual-effects brought into life so many breathtaking scenes, some of them, I believe, will stay in the audience's mind for a long time (city bending in Paris, zero-gravity fight, in limbo, dreams collapsing...). In addition, Nolan had also a solid cast ensemble to help him deliver all of his messages.
  • Later, we had Interstellar. Though I did admire its cinematography and visual-effects, the film itself is nowhere near the level of Inception.

SPOILERS AHEAD !!!!! For all who haven't watched this movie, you may stop the reading right here because the following paragraphs contain a ton of spoilers!

It is set in the world where there's technology that allows people to literally share dream. There is, in this world, a new kind of corporate spy - "extractors" who use this technology to infiltrate the target's subconscious and extract valuable information through a shared dream world. Our hero Mr Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a very well-known extractor, and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are approached by a powerful businessman - Mr Saito (Ken Watanabe) for a nearly impossible mission, something no one has ever done before : instead of steeling, he wants them to plant an idea in a person's subconscious, which is also called "inception". In return, Saito offers something that Cobb could never resist: a ticket to go home with his children by taking out the homicide charge against him. So Cobb and Arthur gather a team to carry out the mission: Eames (Tom Hardy) - a veteran identity forger, Yusuf - the only one chemist can make such a powerful sedative for such a complex 3-levels "dream within a dream", and Ariadne (Ellen Page) - a newbie but remarkably talented architect whose role is critical for the success of the mission. The target is Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) - son and heir of Saito's biggest competitor (Maurice Fischer, who's dying). The goal is to seed an idea into his mind which will make him abandon his father's business, and the team has to carry Saito as visitor in their mission to let him verify the result of inception. While the team go deeper and deeper into Fischer's mind, we discover gradually the dark of Cobb's past, as well as the 2 biggest why concerning our hero: Why he has became such an expert of inception and What is his desperate motivation for taking that insane mission.

The movie is not only about the inception mission but more importantly, about the struggle of finding the way in the maze of life. In Cobb's case, it's the maze of dreams built by his memories with his past wife Mal (Marion Cotillard) and his regrets. So as long as he let himself consumed by the past by blaming himself for the death of his love wife, it will keep coming back and haunt his present: the deeper the team go into dream, the more dangerous his subconscious, under the form of his ghostly wife, comes out and could anytime jeopardize the mission. Indeed, if we apprehend the movie with these 2 layers of its story, the ending scene makes perfect sense. Yes! We're now talking about that famous ending which has still remained one of the most controversial movie endings in the cinema history. Did Cobb find Mr Saito in limbo, bring he back to complete the mission then come back to his children in the real world? Or they are still stuck in limbo - the infinite dream world, and the last scene was just his big dream? But all of those question only matter in the first layer of the story: the result of inception mission. When we perceive the story in its deeper layer, as a journey for Cobb to let go of his feeling of guilt for the past and re-find the meaning of his life, this ending did fulfill its job. Cobb didn't even stay to see either if the spinning top would fall because he didn't care any more, what's important to him is that he gonna be with his kids. He did finally get rid of his haunting past and be able to move on, and that matters. And after all, dream or reality, the importance is to truly live. So from this point of view, he has solved the maze of his life.

Some short lines about the cast:
  • Leo has done justice to our main character but he did not success to make a leap from his previous similar roles in Shutter Island and Blood Diamond.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt could have been more intense, given the fact that he had the most astounding fight scene in the movie (zero-gravity sequence).
  • There was something missing in Ken Watanabe's performance to portray the powerful man who sponsored the crazy mission. Maybe it was his English...
  • Tom Hardy was OK but forgettable because his character didn't have any memorable moment though he had a lot of screen time.
  • Ellen Page was really impressive, she did fully illustrate the cleverness and the keenness of the young brilliant architect. And personally, I did find a lot of charms in her acting.
  • Cillian Murphy has also done a great job. Much more emotionally complex than just a target of the inception mission, his character Robert Fischer, at the end, was not so different than our hero Cobb. They both were struggling to find a way out of their own maze. If for Cobb, it was the painful past with his late wife; for Fischer, it was the grand shadow and the lack of recognition of his late dad.
  • Last but not least, the one who impressed me the most was Marion. Mal was so beautiful and mysterious in a very unique haunting way, mostly with her speaking eyes! And for me, she is the most remarkable character of the movie.

Reviewed by siddhantadlakha 10 / 10

Inception; Christopher Nolan's masterpiece?

Dom Cobb leads a highly skilled team, specializing in stealing secrets from people's minds by entering their dreams. When they are hired by a mysterious businessman, Cobb finally has a shot at redemption, but not before achieving the near impossible. Rather than stealing an idea, they must do the complete opposite: Inception. Planting the seed of an idea.

Inception has a multi-layered plot, quite literally in fact. It focuses on the emotional journey of its lead character, Cobb, but at the same time thrusts the audience into multiple levels of action packed story- telling, very distinct from one another, but all finely connected. It has been described by critics as "a film that rewards intellect", and I can assure you that it is exactly that. Director Christopher Nolan challenges the audience to keep up, and rewards those who can with a breathtaking spectacle, one that has the capability to leave you awestruck. The best part about it is that while you may feel you need to watch it again to be able to fully absorb the experience, chances are, you will probably want to.

Christopher Nolan brings his unique vision to the screen with the help of a star-studded cast, including the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio (The Departed), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days Of Summer), Ellen Page (Juno), Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies), Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), and Michael Caine (The Dark Knight), as well some amazing photography by long time collaborator Wally Pfister. The thrilling music in the film is provided by none other than Hans Zimmer, who was also set the mood for Nolan's previous film, The Dark Knight.

While it may seem simple at its outset, Inception is an extremely complex film, delving deep into the subconscious of the human mind. Technical brilliance and visual splendor have rarely blended together as beautifully. The emotional depth and explosive action complement each other perfectly, delivering a film that is at the same time both heart- wrenching and heart-pounding. It's a film that manages to engross you with its complexities, yet comes together seamlessly, and will have you at the edge of your seat, quite literally from start to finish.

Inception is magnificent.

Reviewed by BiiivAL 9 / 10

A tool of hope.

Have you ever felt like waking up from a dream to see its continuation? This idea disturbs Christopher Nolan ever since he was 16. Already in the future, as he developed this idea in his head, he was visited by another captivating feeling. And what if it were possible to study and manage the place of sleep? Now the British cinematographer is 39 years old, and the world has finally come to the opportunity to get to know what Nolan was so stunning, fast and loud all these years. "The Beginning" is a sci-fi thriller about the architecture of the mind. If for some reason this has not yet become a reason for the strongest intrigue, it is never too late to recreate it.

Philosophy of Nolan. It is simple and at the same time terrifyingly exceptional. Making your environment think like you. To share all the events happening together. Experiencing the same difficulties. Strive to hold together for the hands to achieve the impossible. Making unusual things happen in the usual way. The topic can be continued, and its brief description will remain unchanged. Any person with whom you work, whether an actor or someone else, will always be completely imbued with the material that you yourself wrote, if this material is perceived by every person at the deepest personal level.

Fans of the series "LOST" could have done the same thing with "Star" as they did with every series of the popular, now in the old days, series. Probably, for a reason, at the end of the day, a percentage of people will be drawn, what from wild ecstasy after watching will obviously lose consciousness in the most positive sense? The name of the film company Nolan "Syncopy" from the ancient Greek era means the medical term of fainting, loss of consciousness. I'm not talking about plot similarities with the term. And the logo of his film company, whose foundation happened in the year 99, has absolutely identical design as the "Start" screensaver. In the picture, the characters Paige and DiCaprio get acquainted in the same place where Nolan once met his future wife and constant working partner. And this is not all "Easter eggs". From the skyscrapers of Tokyo to the snowy peaks of Calgary, from the exoticism of the Moroccan Tangier to the picturesque streets of Paris, from historic London to modern-day Los Angeles. The scale that Nolan saw from the emotional journey of his painting could not fit in a modest framework, so the shooting process affected 4 continents and 6 so different countries.

To make the dreams look as real as possible, the director once again followed his eternal principle and tried to maximally abandon computer graphics. Whether it's a revolving corridor 30 meters long built in Cardington, or the busiest street in Paris, mass explosions are caused by nothing else than nitrogen under high pressure. Impressive buildings in the Canadian Calgary provided work for thousands of local residents for six months. Their efforts could not justify themselves fully due to the fact that on approaching the crew to the place of direct filming, for a long time there was not much needed snow. He "fell out", creating for the creators is another problem due to the fact that did not stop a very long period. Arriving in early August in Morocco, a big unexpected success for the creators was the acquaintance with the local team, with whose help Hollywood partially took off more than one blockbuster in the territory of this African country. And the street traffic of Los Angeles was cleaned by the railroad train, behind the wheel of which was everyone's favorite Jim Wilkie. The same guy who ran an eighteen wheeled wagon in the "Dark Knight". This is only a small part of what the "Beginning" shakes.

DiCaprio amazes us with one of the most difficult characters of recent times, which is largely due to the care and personal affection that Leo showed to Cobb. Together with Marion Cotillard, they create a screen couple capable of enveloping the soul of any viewer. I've never seen anything like it and close. The talented Hollywood youth in the faces of Page and Gordon-Levitt demonstrate a full understanding of the color range and levels of brightness of the characters assigned to them. Tom Hardy, performing the imitator, brought to the picture a significant share of charisma. And Killian Murphy finally embodied an image that has long been very curious to him. In May 2009, Nolan offered him absolutely any role, and he chose the "Client". And Ken Watanabe ... As in the case with the other images, we all will long try to disassemble this character, which is a very important and charismatic question for us. Each of his actors, Nolan asked not to tell anything about the plot, even to their families.

Quite symbolic is the fact of the presence in the film of the song of Edith Piaf. After all, for the image of Edith Piaf in the film "Life in pink" in 2007, Marion Cotillard received a statuette of Oscar for Best Actress. Hans Zimmer paid close attention to the creation of the track, not so much to the stunning visual component of the picture, but to the emotional world of the main characters. It's always evident when Hans is captured by the storyline of the picture for which he is going to work, and "Beginning" is no exception. Filling the rich sensory undercurrent on the screen with a wonderful musical series, Hans did not leave behind his own imagination, allowing himself to go beyond the usual framework in the hope of looking where they would lead him. From here came the guitar, played on which none other than Johnny Marr of the band "The Smiths". For any of us, there is a difference in choice, when deciding whether it is worth chasing us for a happy moment or total happiness as such? Also here. Despite the speed with which you develop on the screen a completely different action - you want to keep up with it. Our feelings are awakened in the most active ways because of the resource that causes in us a similar instinct to comprehension and further awareness. This tape is a symbol of the whole structure of our everyday perception of what surrounds us in the material and immaterial world. A symbol that is itself the architect of a bridge connecting two opposite sides.

Incredible and colossal, difficult-procedural result of the most outstanding artistic production in all spheres of film production. A movie that will never leave your mind, demanding from you its regular revision. The movie, which you will discover with each new show for yourself in a new way. A mad, multi-level, impressive plot production, attached to the deepest actor images. Infinitely rich semantic context and visual component. All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years. He would never have become a director of N1 in the modern world if he were not true, loving his family by a man. And this is the most important thing. That - with what all "Begins" ...

A rare dream that survived so many years ...

Film of the Decade.

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