Infinitum: Subject Unknown



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Ian McKellen as Dr. Charles Marland-White
Conleth Hill as Professor Aaron Östergaard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephaniecoutts-36982 9 / 10

Extraordinary! Can't believe it was filmed on an iPhone!

Saw this at a film festival not knowing what to expect - there are lots of movies shot on iPhones these days but this blew me away. There's no way you'd know it was shot on a phone for a start - yes, it's clearly low-budget, but when I heard they'd shot it during a lockdown with the crew all working remotely I realised that this was next level stuff.

Yes, there are things that maybe lacking if you're after a flashy sci-fi with lots of special effects - this is more of a mind-bending adventure that takes a bit of concentration.

But if you like movies like Another Earth or Coherence then you'll enjoy this.

Having Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill as cameos is a fun touch and provide needed story elements and their few scenes add some gravitas, but this is very much Tori Butler-Hart's film who gives a star performance with almost no dialogue.

There are things that maybe could have been better or more polished, but when you think what was achieved in the circumstances it'd be churlish to mention anything so petty.

Reviewed by sonnylavelle 9 / 10

Indie mind-bender

Don't come into this thinking you're getting big budget effects. But you will get a brilliantly thought-out for indie film experiment that is astonishing in what was achieved considering there was only two people on set the whole time. It looks better than half the films that has a full crew and decent budget. If they can do this but themselves during the pandemic, think what they could do with proper money and time.

If you like a cerebral sci-fi to get your mind whirring then you'll love this. And if you appreciate filmmaking this is a must watch just for the sheer amazing feat that they accomplished with no crew, no money and a closed down London.

Reviewed by gerrycabot-38218 8 / 10

Blown away by these guys again

There's literally nothing these two can't do. Here they've made an engaging, entertaining and intense sci-fi mystery thriller on a phone during a lockdown with their crew working remotely. If anyone else can do that and end up with a film of this calibre I would be very surprised.

The story is complex and I think I'll need to watch it more than once to get the whole thing figured out (which is what was intended) so if you like a film you have to think about then this is for you.

Tori Butler-Hart is extraordinary in it, carrying almost the entire film by herself. It's great to see Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill briefly (their scenes were shot by themselves remotely so in about 5% of the film very widely), and they add another layer to the story that leaves you wanting to know about the world of Infinitum.

Highly recommend.

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