Inner Ghosts



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kb-62551 4 / 10


I love a good ghost story. I don't object to the same story being told, so long as the film makers put some heart into it and make it their own, adding something. "Inner Ghosts" came close. We follow the struggles of a lady who straddles the conflicting worlds of psychic mediumship and neurology. She is a university professor, working to develop a patent worthy device to communicate with the disembodied. She has research collated that suggests the consciousness (the film even wrestles with the word - soul) of severe dementia patients, the comatose and the dead are alike and can be reached for communication.

Well, that's different. Nifty idea. In this movie's world, the dead and company have things to say, the living cope with grief, and proving the concept of life after life is all on the table in this movie, down to Helen's steadfastness in holding to her research, fighting with tenured professors and couching the language of her findings to not be too far down the rabbit hole of "woo," nonsense, superstition and rubbish. The protagonist's own daughter is a suicide victim she, of course, is desperate to reach. This story line is present, but not as over-bearing as many flicks would make it.

Then the third act happens and it all goes to complete waste. I wonder what the original script was. Surely not this.

Sad, it could have been so much better. I came this close to recommending it. Uncork'd entertainment seems to be a "just okay" distributor. They offer low budget films that aren't on the dreadful side but could really use better editing and this is one. One choice that should not have been made is the attempt to cut corners on the climactic end scene. We get a combination of CG and prosthetic effects that look - well, how do they look? I can't tell, between the blackness and flashing. I had to minimise the screen down to thumbnail sized - those g'[email protected] flashing light don't "stimulate the reptilian part of the brain" so much as give me immediate migraine and eye pain. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

Reviewed by bgsmoove 2 / 10

What horror?

If you're looking for horror you won't find it here. The Demon never does anything significant, and nothing truly happens. Try if you like, but you've been warned.

Reviewed by pediatricgrime 3 / 10


When the last 7 minutes of the movie consist of strobe light as if it were a rave, then you surely understand the level.

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